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GymnasticBodies – Stretch Course (2015)


Published on: December 10, 2020
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The Stretch Courses develops Front Split, Middle Split, Thoracic Bridge, Pancake, Pike, Shoulder Flexion and Shoulder Extension. Each course is designed as a 45 minute stretch session focused on developing a specific area of flexibility.


Develop a Thoracic Bridge, Shoulder Flexion and Shoulder Extension safely and gradually through structured progressions

Build the compression needed for Middle Split, Pancake and Press Handstand and other advanced GST elements.

Address the tight hamstring, quad and glute muscles that accompany typical office work to develop Pike and Front Split.

The first workout was very tough for me and exposed many deficiencies in my thoracic spine and shoulders. Afterwards my upper back and shoulders felt great, which is how they have felt after the seminars.
After looking through the material I am excited about how much progress can be made and how much easier foundation and handstand will be.

I just bought the Stretch series and they are SOOO good. At the end of each course Coach takes you throug the entire series! Like a class. What a great idea! I realy liked that.

This course is amazing! I had been living with some mild thoracic discomfort since suffering a T3 compression fracture while skiing in 2006. The fracture is well healed. Needless to say my thoracic mobility was terrible. After one session of the TB, following along with Coach and scaling back, I absolutely am certain that consistency will not only relieve the nagging discomfort, but I will be achieving the full bridge some day! The facet joint mobility and the opening of the part spaces is truly incredible! I look forward to my next session.


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