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How to Become an Awesome Technical Sales Engineer – Level 1


Published on: December 10, 2020
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How to Become an Awesome Technical Sales Engineer ? Level 1 Introduction to the Art of Technical Sales Engineering Sales Engineering is a critical part in many B2B worldwide sales activities. Sales Engineers are the company solution experts that enter the sales process at the early stage, supporting the sales team through the lead qualification and business discovery, demonstrating the products functionalities with the most compelling use cases, creating complex solution proposals and much more. Many Hi-Tech companies are constantly looking for highly skilled individuals that can communicate with customers and bridge the gap between new technologies developed by the company and the actual business value for the end-customers. As products are getting more complex and market competition is rising, the demand for highly qualified sales engineers is growing across variety of market industries. We will do all of that while using the best practice I learned, developed and improved for the last 10 years as a senior sales engineer. One thing before we start, becoming an effective sales engineer is a challenging road, with up and down hills and some bumpers along the way. If you are ready to invest in this path and become the technical sales spearhead in your company, the reward will exceed your expectations!


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