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How to Boost Your Physical and Mental Energy


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Wouldn?t it be great if you could wake up every morning full of life and enthusiasm for a brand new day? If you loved going to work, and got a positive charge out of all your relationships? If you always had an unending reserve of energy?Most of us no doubt feel energetic some of the time, but as we get older, the stressors and responsibilities of life, and the weight of our myriad obligations, inevitably take their toll, leaving us feeling tired, worn out, and generally depleted.While energy is a limited resource within the body, there are things you can do to help you conserve the energy you have and tap into hidden energy reserves.Perform daily exercises, breathing rituals, and meditations to recharge your batteries.Adjust your diet and sleeping habits to operate more efficiently from one day to the next.Re-allocate wasted energy toward higher priorities, such as your family and friends.Find purpose in your work and relationships to boost your energy for the long run.How to Boost Your Physical and Mental Energy offers a step-by-step curriculum for tapping into those hidden wells of energy and injecting your life with a much-welcomed jolt of vitality?that joie de vivre we all wish we had. Taught by Dr. Kimberlee Bethany Bonura, a highly acclaimed fitness and wellness consultant, these 12 accessible lectures serve as a toolkit for a more energetic you. Dr. Bonura shows you a series of practical exercises that will increase your energy in the short term, and you also learn how to make a personalized blueprint for long-term success.When physicists talk about human energy, they talk about calories and joules, whereas most of us simply want to feel good and charged up. There is a science behind that ineffable sense of vitality, and Dr. Bonura shows you the latest research on everything from sleep to mindfulness to the importance of play and emotional well-being. How to Boost Your Physical and Mental Energy shows you how a few simple strategies could mean the difference between guzzling coffee while slouched over the breakfast table and walking out the front door with a spring in your step.Learn Strategies for Self-CareThere are no shortcuts to an energetic life?no miracle tonic or 10 superfoods you must eat every day?but like weeding a garden for optimal growth, daily self-care is nonetheless critical to maximizing your energy. Dr. Bonura reveals several practices that can make a profound difference in how you feel throughout the day. In this course, she examines energy?s relationship to:Breathing: Facilitate relaxation through meditation and mindfulness.Work: See how to manage and protect your energy on the job.Relationships: Make sure your social life nurtures your energy levels.Environment: Streamline your life by simplifying daily decisions.Diet: Discover a few sensible guidelines rather than obsessing over calories.You might be surprised to learn that one of the simplest ways to increase your energy is by sleeping eight hours a night. We?ve all heard that recommendation, but research confirms that people who get enough rest are in fact more alert, and more precise in their thinking, than those who only sleep a few hours a night.Such advice is simple?eat well, sleep eight hours a night, nurture good relationships?but rather than being a luxury for those with unlimited time, proper self-care is a matter of self-preservation. Following Dr. Bonura?s guidelines will be a powerful step toward invigorating your life.Lectures:TTC1931 S01E01 Facing the Day with Energy.mp4TTC1931 S01E02 Sleep ? Your Energy 401(k).mp4TTC1931 S01E03 Boost Your Energy with Breath.mp4TTC1931 S01E04 Energy Give-and-Take at Work.mp4TTC1931 S01E05 Energy Give-and-Take in Relationships.mp4TTC1931 S01E06 Awareness of Energy with Mindfulness.mp4TTC1931 S01E07 Conserving Energy with Deliberate Choice.mp4TTC1931 S01E08 Nurturing Your Energy with Diet.mp4TTC1931 S01E09 Boost Your Energy with Happiness and Play.mp4TTC1931 S01E10 Energy, Emotion, and Loving-Kindness.mp4TTC1931 S01E11 Your Energy Baseline.mp4TTC1931 S01E12 The Energetic Life You Choose.mp4


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