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How to come up with Startup Ideas from London Startup Mentor


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Created by Award Winner Entrepreneur

As a London Start-up Mentor I work with start-ups and really enjoy helping people around the world to generate new ideas to growth.

Help over 100+ Start-ups
Award ?Entrepreneur 2012?
Book Author on Entrepreneurship
This course will help you understand how best ideas where born and how to come up with your start up ideas or validate one you have already.

?Erick has been a mentor to me since starting the entrepreneurial path with StartUp. I admire Ericks drive and passion when it comes to innovative ideas with marketing and app promotion. Erick not only gives much more than asked for in time, but has also kept me in a slightly uncomfortable zone to make sure I?m not slacking when it come to getting out there and using the information he has given me to help market the app.? Jon Pellington

?Erick is a great friend and a mentor of mine. He is full of innovative ideas and always thinking outside the box. His approach is different to others and always push you to stand out from the crowd and do something really different. I hope to liaise with him as long as possible. ? Sunder Lama

What am I going to get from this course?

Understand how ideas are born
Learn how to generate ideas
How to validate your ideas
Learn history of best start up ideas
See new path of crating Ideas for start up
How to find mobile app Ideas


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