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How To Make Anyone Look Their Best In The Picture Part 2: Body Language


Published on: December 10, 2020
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In my lessons I would like to teach you useful techniques and how to apply them. This lesson is a second part to my previous lesson ?how to make anyone look their best in the picture?. I was talking about head positioning setting up the light and camera angle is best too shoot from, I?ve also explained importance of colours surrounding your subject.

In this lesson I will talk about body language and face expressions. How to direct posing person to get effects you want. We all subconsciously send signals to others, I will teach you how to find the best poses for different types of people.
In this lesson we will focus on female posing basics. I will point out the difference between flattering poses and those distracting one. I will also tech you how to pose your subject to make picture more dynamic.


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