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Human Technology – A Toolkit for Authentic Living


Published on: December 9, 2020
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In 2000, Ilchi Lee’s Healing Society (Hampton Roads, 2000) ignited a movement across the world for Healing Society in Action, whose participants taught holistic health to elders and children, held conferences to promote peace. Healing Society introduced thousands of readers to Dahnhak, Brain Respiration, and Lee’s revolutionary perspective on mass enlightenment.

In Human Technology, Lee now offers you his essential teachings distilled from a lifetime of study. Lee presents a toolkit for self-reliance management of the core issues of life: health, sexuality, and life purpose. Meditation, breath-work, and Oriental healing arts are offered as self-reliant health management skills. A distinctive perspective on sex and sex education and an inspirational guide to discover a passionate life purpose are featured. This book also includes a practical guide to optimize our life’s master controller-the brain.

In the name of comfort and security, we have created increasingly complex systems that demand our lives for their maintenance. Systems cannot answer life’s most important questions-only you can. The ultimate goal of education, institutions, and expertise should be self-education. Only then will technology serve humanity rather than reign over us. Human Technology contains the principles and tools that can return us to self-mastery and the life well lived.


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