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Ian Stables – The One Thing That Sells Most Nonfiction Books – The Big Key


Published on: December 10, 2020
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For nonfiction authors

Hi. My name is Ian Stables, author of more than fifty Kindle books. Several of which became best-sellers.

I?m going to show you how to really boost the sales of your nonfiction books.

There is one thing that sells books more than anything else.

Is it your book description, cover, social media marketing, Youtube videos, keywords?

Those things are important. However, there is one thing that influences your results more than anything else.

I accidentally discovered the secret to top sales several years ago with my second book. That book was a top seller for more than two years. It outsold every other book I produced.

Since then I published many more books. Even though several became best-sellers, I wasn?t able to duplicate the results of my top seller.

I spent a long time trying to figure it out. I worked out what the main sales influencer was. However, I didn?t know what made it generate top sales results. Until now.

When I moved to teaching courses on Udemy, I finally discovered the ingredients and how to include them for top results.

I?m going to show you what it is and how to do it in this course.

You will learn?

The one thing you should focus on
The three parts that make it sell
Formulas that attract most readers
How to make it what readers want
The big key that gets most sales
How to use high powered curiosity
Words that have proven to boost sales
Words that don?t work as well as people think
I will show you the most simple effective methods that make your one thing get top book sales.


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