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Ian Stanley – 8020 Email Copy Crash Course


Published on: May 10, 2021
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Thanks -godheir- for the great share.
– I’m not even going to be a d*ck about the idea that this share would be more appropriate in the copywriting section – because – people who already know that copywriting is the ‘secret sauce’ to guarantee success in IM aren’t looking in the copywriting section much anymore because they ‘think’ they have seen it all….
– That said- they haven’t. Ian Stanley is a fresh copywriter with a valuable training that just might help those of you who are beginning to ‘get it’. He trains you by letting you train yourself, the right way.
– You’ll know what I mean when you start going over his material.
– I know that many of you haven’t heard of Ian Stanley or this 8020 email method. You’d only know/hear about it if you are on one of his lists or a few of his friends’ lists.
– Ian Stanley is pretty cool. A young/different version of Ben Settle or Matt Furey. It takes all kinds of ‘voices’ to attract different niches of prospects. Some of us fit a certain style more than others. Which is great! The more the merrier.

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