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Igor Ledochowski – Beyond Self Hypnosis Program


Published on: December 9, 2020
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My NEW BEYOND SELF HYPNOSIS PROGRAM will take you w-a-y BEYOND the ordinary limits of what self-hypnosis (or any other success-orientated technique) can provide you with.

An analogy to explain:

Imagine for a moment your life is contained within the perimeter of a bucket. Well you can do anything up to the ?limits? of the perimeter of the bucket. Then, once you’ve reached those limits you go round and round the edges of what you’re capable of – but never making any progress BEYOND the perimeter of the bucket. Not even if you use the best success and self-improvement techniques.

And your life feels kind of stagnant. Or stuck. And maybe even rather dull and boring.

But what if… what if… following on from the bucket analogy… you could suddenly ?step out over? the perimeter of the bucket into, say, a play pen. If that were to happen then (in your real life) you would experience a jump in personal evolution and your life-capacity would be ?larger? and offer you more.

Then… what if… again following on from the analogy… you could consciously (at will) through a series of mental exercises… ?step out beyond? the play pen and into, say, a HUGE meadow. If that were to happen then (in your real life) you would once again experience an even bigger jump in personal evolution and your life-capacity would be even ?larger? still and offer you even more resources and adventures.

Well, your current mental map (and therefore your corresponding ?life-limits?) are similar to the bucket.

And the BEYOND SELF HYPNOSIS PROGRAM provides you the means (the mental tools and processes) by which you can ?step out? of the bucket and into the larger play pen, and then ?step out? of the play pen into the even larger meadow – and on and on. Each time enlarging your mind map and your corresponding life-capacity.

And each time you expand and enlarge your mind map you are in a sense ?stepping into a new reality? of what is possible for you to do and achieve as a person.

Beyond Self Hypnosis – 19 videos:
video 01: Mentalization Techniques & The ?Unfamiliar Room?
video 02: How to Switch Off Fear, Mindfulness, & Integration Breathing
video 03: Mindful Mentalizations & Accessing Your Inner World
video 04: ?Mental Gymnastics? & Important Steps When Working with Your Unconscious Mind
video 05: Rules for Safely Navigating Your Mind & Getting Pure Unconscious Content
video 06: How to Dial Up Your Experiences & The Power of ?Benign Attention?
video 07: Mindful Movement, Diving Into Spontaneous Unconscious Content & The Strange New World Exercise
video 08: How to Create Vivid Landscapes with Remembered Journeys & Unconscious Symbols
video 09: How to Control Mental Experiences Without Over-Controlling & Blocking Unconscious Content
video 10: Advanced Mindfulness, Grounding & Having Profound Deep Trance Phenomena
video 11: Transformational Training & Deep Trance Identification
video 12: Equanimity & Putting the Entire Beyond Self Hypnosis System Together
video 13: Skills Review & Putting The Beyond Self Hypnosis System Into Action
video 14: Creating and Inner Practice Room & Experiencing Deep Trance Identification Progression
video 15: Deep Trance Identification Progression Part 2 & The Transformation
video 16: The Inner Healer Progression (Physical or Emotional) and Relaxation & Sanctuary
video 17: How to Practice The Beyond Self Hypnosis System & The Practice Pitfalls to Avoid
video 18: Setting True Goals with The Beyond Self Hypnosis System & Using ?Futurescope?
video 19: Expectations, A Student Examination of Skills, & Conclusion

Bonus audios:
1. DTI Progression of Guitar Skills
2. DTI Progression of Beat Boxing

Also Included:
Full Transcripts of Each video
Official Seminar Notes!


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