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Igor Ledochowski – Private Hypnosis Club – Master Classes Vol 1-24


Published on: December 9, 2020
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Igor Ledochowski – Private Hypnosis Club – Master Classes Vol 1 – 24Finally after months, no rather what seems like years, of searching this project can now be put to bed as here is the complete set of Igor’s Master Classes.These ?Master Class? sessions were originally only available to members of the exclusive ?Private Hypnosis Club?. Some have already been released as separate products.Confusion is one of the most sophisticated hypnotic techniques in a master’s arsenal. The trouble is that most people confuse themselves when they try to use confusional language with others. This Master Class will show you how to use the language of confusion easily and purposefully – without confusing yourself!Once you have absorbed these skills you’ll be able to weave these hypnotic phrases into your everyday conversations and watch as people naturally slip into profound trance states.Listing:SHM01- AWS- Non-Awareness SetSHM02- HS- Hypnotic storytelling- How To Tell Spellbinding Stories So That People Hang On Every Word You Say As They Slip Easily Into HypnosisSHM03- HPL- Hypnotic Power Loops- How To Unleash Hypnotic Power Loops To Ensure You Get Amazing Results With HypnosisSMH04- PP- Personal Power- Discover Exactly How Hypnosis Masters Create ?Hypnotic Realities? In Others With Their Magnetic Personal PowerSHM05- CT- The Stunning Secret Of Covert Trances That Will Have You Changing People’s Minds More Often Than You Change Your Socks!SHM06- DM- Distraction method ?How To Use The Distraction Method To Secretly Influence People’s Unconscious Minds To Give You What You WantSHM07- DIS- Developing Irresistible Suggestions- ?Uncover The Secrets Of Naturally Developing Your Own Irresistable Suggestions?SHM08- PUM- How to Use Hypnotic Power States to Program Your Unconscious for Guaranteed Success in Any Meeting, Project or TaskSHM09- PHR- The Power of Hypnotic Reversals to Quickly & Easily Remove Cynicism, Doubt, & Verbal Aggression from People’s MindsSHM10- DP- How to Use the Dynamic Principle to Easily Get Inside People’s Minds and Change Attitudes, Feelings & the Inner LandscapeSHM11- ISH- Instant Street Hypnosis Instant Street Hypnosis: Now You Can Demonstrate The Power Of Hypnosis To Amaze A Crowd, Be A Force For Good And Even Save Someone’s Life!?SHM12- MBHL- The Secret To Creating Mind Bending Hypnotic Language ?The Secret To Creating Mind Bending Hypnotic Language Guaranteed To Change People In An Instant?SHM13- ?Discover How To Really Use NLP In Hypnosis For Amazing Results-1?SHM14- ?Discover How To Really Use NLP In Hypnosis For Amazing Results-2?SHM15- CKP- ?How To Use Conversational Hypnosis To Make A Killer Presentation, Influence Any Group, Close Any Deal And Even Get A Standing Ovation!?SHM16- WPF- How to Create Powerful Hypnotic Frames to Win Any Argument and Get Your Suggestions Easily Accepted, Even During the Lightest Covert TrancesSHM17- HTM- How To Make A Lot Of Money With Hypnosis – Either Part Time Or Full Time!SHM18- HMM- The Secret To Creating Hypnotic Magic Moments That Will Captivate People’s Attention, Win People’s Hearts & Change Their Minds In An Instant!SHM19- PPP- Exploiting Emotions & Pseudo Logic- How To Become A Persuasion Master By Hypnotically Exploiting Emotions And Pseudo Logic So People Quickly Do What You SaySHM20- GRC- Advanced Secrets That Create Highly Responsive Hypnotic SubjectsSHM21- DRT- Hypnotic Hero’s Journey ?Automatically Install The Attitudes & Techniques Of A Master Hypnotist With The Hypnotic Hero’s Journey?SHM22- CCC- Hypnotic Profiling Secrets That Will Let You Read People Like An Open Book Anytime, Anyplace & With AnyoneSHM23- Discover The Secret Hypnotic Art Of Hiding Commands Within Parallel Realities So Your Conversations & Ideas Quickly Change People ForeverSHM24- RRR- ?Instant Hypnotic Influence? – How To Combine The Irresistible Power Of Pattern Interrupts, Rapid Re-Framing Tactics & Mind Bending Language Into An Amazing Persuasion Formula


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