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Improve Your Running With These Injury-Prevention Techniques


Published on: December 10, 2020
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How to understand, evaluate and improve your running to become a happier and better runner.

This course is presented to you by South African Physiotherapist Christoff Smit.

Running is one of Christoff?s great passions and he has spent most of his life pursuing this passion. For the past 10 years, his focus as a physiotherapist has been mainly on the treatment and prevention of running injuries. He also coaches and advises runners of every level.

Common mistakes are often made because people don?t understand the rules of running?just like there are rules to driving your car to prevent engine problems or crashes, there are rules to running?that is if you want to prevent engine problems and crashes! Not following these rules is the primary reason for injuries and limitations on improvement.

In this course, Christoff introduces you to these running rules and shares the most important things he has learnt over the years, both as a runner himself and as a practising physiotherapist. These lessons, will not only help you improve as a runner, but also allow you to find greater joy in your running.


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