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Independence Day – Movie VFX Production Procedure by Using Houdini


Published on: October 1, 2021
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What is our update policy? All the course is updated on a weekly basis. This course has been completed. It’s no more updates.However, you need to aware that all the courses on our website are not available offline.

Content: 1080P HD videos + project files Duration: 10hours Software: Houdini 18 ; Maya ; Nuke ; AE System: No limits Project file: Model assets ; reference pictures ; materials files. English dubbing by Wingfox Studio

Course Introduction Always working overtime? No good design? Struggling to produce good scene, even after all the tutorials? You need a suitable tutorial, like this one. We endeavor to help you enhance the ability of solving problems. Equipped with the practice experience of many years shared by the lecturer, you can create your masterpiece scene of a great movie using less nodes and a streamlined procedure. And that will be an easy task for you. The tutorial will show you the production of a VFX scene in Independence Day Resurgence. Not necessarily the same with the movie, but the effect is sure to impress. The tutorial covers a complete production procedure of visual effects using Houdini, including how to look for the right references, importing maps into Houdini correctly, explanation of basics of VFX, making sure that you will have a clear understanding of the Pryo and Ocean procedure and the composition in Nuke.


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