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Index trade system – Set And Forget- Trading Profits in Under 10 Minutes a Day


Published on: December 10, 2020
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?If You’re After ?Set And Forget? Trading Profits in Under 10 Minutes a Day with NO Complex Rules and NO Staring Mindlessly at a Screen all Day then KrautGap is For You.? No Worry. No Fuss. Just Simple Profits There For the Taking. Perfect For Beginners or More Experienced Traders. John Piper
Successful Trader and Best Selling Author Dear Friend, At last I?ve done it! My students have been nagging at me for years to come up with the world’s simplest trading system. Beginners, in particular, have been begging me to produce something which allows them to make steady money, in their spare time, from a standard PC at home.
They all want something which ticks these boxes? Steadily profitable.
Under 10 minutes a day.
No ?graph watching? for extended periods.
And?. (this is the BIG one)? No agonizing about entry and exit points.
After several late night sessions with top trader and close personal friend Mark Austin, I had that Eureka moment!..


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