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Indian Institute of eCommerce – Ecommerce Logistics and Order Fulfillment


Published on: December 14, 2020
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How to Set Up Logistics for your Ecommerce Store

In This Course, you are going to learn about

? Taking stock of the items you should make available for sale

? Using your research to validate your decisions

? Choosing price points that move merchandise

? Creating a winning selection with the right number of products

You probably know someone who is a fantastic salesperson. Usually, this person is described as being capable of ‘selling anything to anyone.? Well, the Internet is similar to that top-notch salesperson. It can sell just about anything to almost anyone around the world – with your help, of course. As any good salesperson knows, however, you have to know a few tricks of the trade. The same statement holds true for selling online:

To do well, you have to know a few ‘tricks.? Or, in the case of choosing inventory, you simply need some additional information to give your business a boost.

How do you decide what to stock up on to give your business a leg up? To create the ideal inventory for your online business, always keep in mind these three points:

? Product: The goods or services you sell should be readily available for you to purchase and stock and reflect items of interest to your customers.

? Pricing: The amount you charge for your product must make it attractive to customers while also providing you with a reasonable profit.

? Selection: The range of products you offer your customers is more than a matter of quantity. Offer variations of the same product so that your customers can choose from alternative sizes, colors, and styles.

Fortunately, deciding which type of product to promote – and at which price – isn’t complicated. In fact, several useful tools and methods can help you determine potential sales-chart-toppers.

You will Learn :

Setting Up Logistics of Shipping
In-House Order Fulfillment Process Development
Outsourcing the Fulfillment Process
Finding Fulfillment Partners
Developing Profitable Relationships with Outsourced Logistic Agency
Ecommerce Operations Management with a Fulfillment Agency
Quality Check of Fulfillment Process
Shipping & Handling
Choice of Shipping Options to Your Customers During Checkout
Signing Up With Shipping Companies
Packaging & Labelling Products
How to Ship International Orders
E- Commerce Logistics Backend Management
How to Track Inventory for an Ecommerce Store
Organising Your Ecommerce Store Warehouse
How To Feed Orders Information Before Delivery
We make you understand about all these things in the course very practically with real time examples.


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