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Info-Product Creation Crucible by Daniel Levis


    Published on: November 17, 2021
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    Dear Fellow Marketing Addict,
    John Smith had what he thought was a great idea for a hot new info-product.
    He spent 3 whole months researching the topic, interviewing experts, and compiling the information into an attractive package he planned to sell online for $37.
    He spent another two months writing sales copy and learning to advertise on google until one fine day he was ready to begin offering his product for sale. No takers.
    He hired a competent copywriter to rewrite his sales page and started getting some sales, but not nearly enough. Finally he gave up in frustration, hundreds of hours wasted, thousands of dollars poorer.
    Jane Doe built her info-product around a similar topic, but approached it from an entirely different angle. And she targeted a completely different set of buyers.
    Jane then took a simple template she found in one of my copywriting products and cobbled together some sales copy over a single weekend. Later that week she was making money.

    Have you ever wondered why one info-product sells well while another one doesn’t?

    It’s not always the sales copy …
    Over the years I’ve coached 187 different info-publishers in various stages of development – from those green as a head of cabbage to multi-million dollar producers – competing in 49 different industries, from self-defense… to hypnotherapy… to culinary… to mortgages… to real estate… and just about everything in between.
    I’ve pretty much seen it all…
    And may I be blunt?

    Many of the info-product ideas I see don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of delivering the results their creators desire!

    I’m talking about info-product ideas that are fundamentally flawed from the very beginning. No amount of copywriting voodoo can save them. Trying to fix them with sales copy would be like trying to build a cathedral on sand.
    Without a sound product idea… aimed intelligently… positioned optimally… your promotional efforts are destined to cough and sputter at the starting gate. Or worse, climb just high enough to go down in flames.
    Make no mistake – the overwhelming factor that determines your success or failure as an info-marketer is knowing the difference between info-product ideas that swim downstream, easily providing the lifestyle and financial security you desire… and the duds that flush your valuable resources down the drain.

    You see, we all have a lot of “idea pride”. That’s actually a really good thing. It’s absolutely essential to our success. But we also need a way to avoid burrowing down unproductive rabbit holes. And we need proven strategies for turning borderline ideas into blockbuster successes.

    That’s why I created The Info-Production Creation Crucible, to save you the ego crushing false starts, dead ends, and disappointing failures that inevitably result when you try to stuff a square peg into a round hole. And to give you proven tools for developing your ideas to their fullest potential.
    Submit your info-product ideas to THE CRUCIBLE, and I’ll give you 7 crucial “money-tests” that allow you to get out of your own head… so you can quickly and accurately gauge the profitability of your next project.

    Sound good?

    So What exactly will you discover in this concise, straight-to-the-point, 34 page e-guide?

    It’s organized into seven sections, each describing a specific go-or-no-go trial your info-product must pass to have a solid chance at success. And jam packed with specific strategies for pushing a borderline idea into the


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