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International Chess School – Grandmaster Package – Years 1 – 2 – 3


Published on: August 19, 2021
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Chandler Bolt ? Self-Publishing School PRO (How to write, market, and publish your bestseller in 90 days)

How Would Your Life Change If You Were a Bestselling Author?
Discover the exact system to go from no idea to bestseller in as little as 90 days ? and make your book pay YOU for years and years

Your book can give you the freedom, wealth, and time to do what you love.

It can be a source of respect, pride, achievement, and of course money. royalties that keep coming in years after you hit Publish.

And you dont have to be the next Hemingway or quit your job to do it.
You dont even need a book idea, expertise, or lots of time to get started.
Because digital publishing turned the book industry upside down, theres never been a better or easier time to become an author. and bring in automatic royalties year after year.

But despite the benefits, most of us get so intimidated by the mental image of a finished book with our name on it that we never even start.

Or when we do start, we get so overwhelmed by the enormity of the task that we give up before finish.
I want to tell you my story because I know I almost quit ? and it wouldve cost me a small fortune in money and much more in happiness.
I was wracked with self-doubt when I began my first book.

Want to become a published author faster?
If you spend just 30 minutes to an hour a day, youll easily complete the program and have a published book in 90 days or less!
Give me 30 minutes a day and Ill show you the exact steps to become a bestselling author

Step 1 ? Find your bestselling book idea
Step 2 ? From idea to author in 3 steps: The fastest way to write your book
Step 3 ? Turn your book into a masterpiece (even if you dont write well)
Step 4 ? The 15-second rule and pain-free publishing
Step 5 ? Bestselling Book Launch Blueprint: Our step-by-step formula that turns your book into a bestseller

The Only Way To Get Personal Coaching Directly From The Experts
How much faster could you succeed if you got 1-on-1 help with all your questions?

In Self-Publishing School, you get direct access to our coaches and bestselling authors so you can quickly get unstuck ? and get their expert help to:
? Brainstorm your book idea
? Nail down your marketing
? Price your book for maximum sales
? Optimize your marketing to reach the bestseller list

That way, youll never feel like youre still out there wandering the wilderness trying to get everything done


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