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Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology: An Orientation


Published on: December 14, 2020
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essentials concepts you need to know to begin your trip in the college of medicine.

This course will cover a group of concepts that prepare the students for the material they will take in the medical college. Those concepts include:

1- Overview of anatomy and physiology, levels of structural organization (1st lecture)

2- Maintaining life (2nd lecture)

3- Homeostasis (3rd lecture)

4- The language of anatomy (4th lecture).

you will learn those concepts by watching videos which include a lot of media to enhance your understanding, and taking quiz to test what you learned after each lecture.

In the medical field, there are a lot of stuff that need memorizing, but in this course, i tried as possible i can to make you understand not memorize.

This course should take about 1 hour to finish. so, you can learn (any student, or premedical student) or review (medical student) the basic concepts quickly and thoroughly.
What are the requirements?

this course do not require any previous knowledge about human body or medicine. we will cover all essentials you need to know

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 7 lectures and 45 mins of content!
have overview of anatomy and physiology, what does each science study and the relationship between them
to know what is the homeostasis, its importance, and its major components
to understand the directional terms used in the anatomical classes
to know what is the body planes and sections
to locate the major body cavities and the organs they houses.

What is the target audience?

This course is designed for the student who want to enroll the college of medicine.
to the medical student who want to review the basics preparing for exam


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