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Irek Piekarski – Trading MasterClass


Published on: February 9, 2022
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TMC is currently offering 2 different paid membership options, TMC Black and TMC Diamond:

TMC Black –

TMC Black is the cheaper of the two memberships and is meant for more beginner traders looking to solidify their understanding of the currency markets. Although the course content isn’t all basic by any means, it is lacking some of the way more advanced content that is brought out in the other membership package. TMC Black includes…

  • Over 80 foundation lessons, totalling 25 hours
  • Evolve series, 25 hours of content
  • Q&As, 4 livestreams monthly
  • Chronicles – videos regarding TMC strategies (last 12 months only)
  • Weekly market insights released Monday
  • Market update updated Wednesday

TMC Diamond –

TMC Diamond is for the more committed traders who are perhaps looking to get funded and do this full time. This package is going to cost you more money each year, but is going to come with some extra perks compared to the Black package, these include…

  • 20 Advanced lessons, totalling 10 hours
  • Archives, 90+ hours of trading education
  • Monthly coaching call
  • Chronicles live (monthly trader interviews)
  • Full access to the TMC Club
  • Private channel access

If I was starting out in the forex industry and wasn’t too sure if it was going to be for me long term, I would personally advise the TMC Black instead of diamond, purely because it still has such great value for money and you won’t necessarily need these additional perks if you’re just starting out in the industry. However, if you’re full time trading using the TMC strategies, having the full unrestricted membership might be the best port of call.


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