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Iris Reading – Speed Reading Mastery Course


Published on: December 9, 2020
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Iris Reading is the largest and most trusted provider of speed reading training. Iris speed-reading courses have been taught to thousands of students and professionals worldwide.

Take your speed-reading skills to the next level. This advanced course will teach you proven techniques to boost your reading speed even further. You’ll learn how to get comprehension at high speeds and how to read technical materials. This course is ideal for those that are already familiar with basic speed-reading techniques and want to take their speed reading to an advanced level. Instructor: Paul Nowak, Founder of Iris Reading.

10 Webinar Topics (each is 45-60 minutes in length)You can view these recordings as often as you like.
1. Develop a Faster Reading Rate With High-Speed Techniques.
2. Keep Up With Your Magazines, Newspapers and Informational Reading.
3. Remember More of What You’ve Read With These Proven Techniques.
4. Essential Eye Training and Brain Re-Wiring.
5. A Different Hand Motion That Can Help Your Comprehension.
6. How To Stop Pronouncing Words as You Read to Boost Speed.
7. How To Get Comprehension at High Speeds.
8. Make Difficult Reading Easy.
9. Approaches to Different Kinds of Reading Matter.
10. The SQ3R Method of Reading and the 6 Stages of Accelerated Learning.

Get 3 Bonus Webinars FREE of Charge
? Speed Reading Refresher Course
? Digital Speed Reading Toolkit
? Develop the Book-a-Day Habit


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