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Jacob Alexander – Ecom Black


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Course Content


What Is Ecom Black?

The Ecom Black training program was created with one purpose in mind, to get people results with the training without fluff, BS, or nonsense. The content within is 100% beginner friendly, and presented in a step by step manner that’s super easy to follow.

The goal of Ecom Black isn’t to teach people ?make a quick buck? methods but instead to share ?build a long term sustainable business that can fund your lifestyle? strategies that are proven to work over the long haul.

In short, this is the only ecommerce course you will ever need.

Your Instructor

Jake Alexander is the founder of Casual Ecommerce, and is an ecommerce expert that has been selling products online for the last 5 years. He is widely recognized as one of the original Shopify instructors, and his training content has helped tens of thousands of people create their own ecommerce stores.

Topics Covered

Get a taste of the content you can expect inside the program

1) Introduction To Ecommerce
  • Learn the basics of the ecommerce business model and see why the industry is booming
  • Get acclimated with the Shopify platform
  • Join the exclusive mastermind community
  • How to adopt the right mindset in order to win in business
2) Picking Good Products
  • Learn how to source products at no cost with methods most sellers aren’t using
  • Learn how to identify which products will perform BEFORE you run ads
  • Learn how to take take the guesswork out of product selection, instead make it a science
  • Discover how to spot trends before they blow up so you can maximize profits!
3) Store Setup
  • Learn how to setup a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing website that attracts visitors
  • Discover the power of branding, which will allow you to create a money machine for years to come
  • Learn to setup your store properly in order to maximize conversions
  • Find out how to create product pages that actually SELL your product
4) Funnels
  • Learn how to setup the back end of your business like a pro
  • Discover the power of leveraging funnels to maximize profits over the long term
  • Learn how to outbid your competition for traffic by having a profiting back end in place
  • Immediately jump ahead of 99% of ecommerce sellers that don’t utilize funnel strategies
5) Facebook Advertising
  • Learn how to properly harness traffic from the world’s biggest social media platform
  • Discover advanced retargeting tactics that no one else is using that will put you MILES ahead of your competition
  • Learn how to create ads that get people clicking over to your site for cheap
6) Instagram Influencers
  • Discover how to leverage other people’s audiences to your advantage
  • Figure out EXACTLY how to find the right influencers, contact them, and get them promoting your products
  • Learn how to negotiate with influencers so that way you know you are getting the best price
7) Email Marketing
  • Learn how to leverage one of the most overlooked aspects of ecommerce
  • Discover how to grow and utilize an email list that will add massively to your bottom line
  • Figure out how to build a r


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