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Jacotte Chollet – Multidimensional Meditative Music Discography


Published on: December 9, 2020
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Jacotte Chollet – Multidimensional Meditative Music Discography

What is Multidimensional Music?

It’s not music in the common sense of the word, it does not follow convention, fad or tradition.

It’s a vibration, free and alive which obeys the soul’s urge and the body’s tempo. Created out of a ?unique inner experience?, it is never rearranged, rectified or corrected ?afterwards?.

It is composed of higher consciousness, coherent energy & sound. It connects with soul, body, mind and spirit…

It contains specific sound frequencies, but it’s not only sound, energy and music, it is RESONANCE within.

It’s a tool to reconnect with our real SELF, a key to open what was closed.
It’s a new software, very soft and quite aware,
it’s a bridge to the source,
it’s a sonic vector to the multiples dimensions we are made of.

How was it created and where does it come from?

In order to remain free of outer influences & to listen to my inner source only, I have chosen not to learn music ?academically?.

In this way, I have to use my inner ?Jacob’s ladder? to naturally trigger energy & ascend to the ?higher spaces where music & life are one?, in the heart of the Universe, right in the core of my own cells.

exploration of unknown dimensions

In my way, I manifest the word: ?As above so below?.

When I reach a state of total flow & inner presence, I have the privilege to experience higher states of consciousness in which my 2 hemispheres are synchronized, states in which all is perceived as ONE, states in which I don’t really know if ?I am playing the music? or if I am ?being played by it?…

Album Titles:

Cosmic Heart
High Spaces
Inspiration (2 audio Set)
Invisible Presence
Silent Light
Unite (2 audio Set)


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