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James and Jay Coloring Book Master Bundle


Published on: December 10, 2020
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PS Instant Expert
PS Secret “Back Door? Link
How to Edit Images
Working with Text
Getting Started with Photoshop
Working with Tools
Working with Filters
Creating Photoshop Files
Working with Layers

1. Getting Started with Photoshop: Photoshop Secret Back Door Link: Good Through June 30th
2. Getting Started with Photoshop: Discovering the Tools Panel, Accessing Tools and Their Options
3. Getting Started with Photoshop: Maximizing Productivity with Workspaces
4. Creating Photoshop Files: Understanding Document Settings
5. Creating Photoshop Files: Opening an Existing Document
6. Creating Photoshop Files: Image Size And Resolution, Working with Tabbed Windows, Combining Images by Copying and/or Dragging
7. Creating Photoshop Files: Choosing a File Format and Saving Files
8. Creating Photoshop Files: Saving Specifically for Web Use
9. How to Edit Images: Transform Tools
10. How to Edit Images: Color Modes
11. How to Edit Images: Image Adjustments and How They Work (Part 1)
12. How to Edit Images: Image Adjustments and How They Work (Part 2)
13. How to Edit Images: Image Adjustments and How They Work (Part 3)
14. How to Edit Images: Image Adjustments and How They Work (Part 4)
15. How to Edit Images: Document Editing
16. Working with Tools: Working With The Marquee Tools
17. Working with Tools: Working With Magic Wand And Quick Selection
18. Working with Tools: Using The Lasso Tools
19. Working with Tools: Adding To and Subtracting From Selections
20. Working with Tools: Cropping an Image
21. Working with Tools: Using the Clone Stamp and Healing tools
22. Working with Tools: Working With Photoshop Brush Tools, Changing Brush Settings, Applying Color to an Image, Changing Blending Modes
23. Working with Tools: Dodge and Burn
24. Working with Tools: Using the Gradient Tool
25. Working with Tools: Blur and Sharpen
26. Working with Tools: Working With Paths
27. Working with Layers: Understanding Backgrounds And Layers, Layers And Stacking Order, Locking a Layer, Changing the Visibility of a Layer
28. Working with Layers: Working Through Layer Options, Organizing Layers Into Groups, Layer Opacity And Blend Modes
29. Working with Layers: Working With Adjustment Layers, Alpha Channels And Layer Masks
30. Working with Text: Working With Photoshop Text
31. Working with Text: Using The Warp Text Option
32. Working with Filters: Photoshop’s Filter Gallery
33. Working with Filters: Oil Paint
34. Working with Filters: Blur, Distort and Pixelate
35. Working with Filters: Noise, Render, Sharpen and Stylize

Author’s Advantage Software

1. Author’s Advantage: Installation Instructions
2. Author’s Advantage: Usage Guide

DiY Bestseller Video Training

DiY Bestseller Training PDF Guides

Kindle Publishing Toolkit

Kindle Publishing Toolkit including:

Format & Publish Guide
Kindle Template
Kindle Checklist
Kindle Promotion Guide


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