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James Ray – Harmonic Wealth Weekend Course


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Create Harmonic Wealth in all areas of your life: Financial, Relational, Mental, Physical and Spiritual…

A lot of so-called success experts tell you that you need balance in your life. That’s a bunch of bunk! Look at a scale in perfect balance: nothing is happening… it’s stagnant… there’s no movement… there’s no progress… in fact, there’s no life at all.

Complete harmony in your life causes your level of happiness, wealth and success to soar. Just like the harmony created by each unique and important instrument in an orchestra causes your emotions to soar, complete harmony in your life causes your level of happiness, wealth and success to soar.

The real key to creating the life of your dreams is achieving true Harmonic Wealth?. That’s where you find contentment and a deep connection to the world around you and your place in it. There are five important kinds of wealth, but none of them (even financial riches) alone can bring you true success or happiness. Here they are:

Financial Wealth: It’s the money in your bank account… the wad of bills in your pocket… your stock portfolio… real estate holdings… or maybe even just the paycheck you’ll pick up next Friday.

Physical Wealth: This is the health and fitness of your body. What good is financial wealth if you can’t get around to enjoy it? I’ve known many wealthy people who would gladly give up all their financial riches to be able to get back their health or a reasonable level of fitness.

Relational Wealth: This is the state of your personal relationships (including that with yourself). We re social beings, and we’re always healthier and happier when we have rewarding relationships with others combined with a good level of self esteem.

Mental Wealth: This is your wealth of knowledge and emotions. It’s the combination of facts, skills, talents and life experiences you’ve built up and developed over the years.

Spiritual Wealth: This is that hard-to-define, yet unmistakable-when-you-have-it kind of wealth. It’s your connection to the rest of the universe and the way you tap into its power. It’s the inner energy we all have. It’s a major component of contentment and peace-of-mind.

When all five of these areas are harmonized, you achieve Harmonic Wealth.

Once I mastered the ebb and flow of Harmonic Wealth, I became determined to share my discoveries with others in the form of a weekend training called the Harmonic Wealth Weekend. And for the first time, you can experience this life-changing live event in the comfort of your own home with this 14-hour Home Study Course. Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover:

* The areas of your life that are “out of harmony;? what true harmony really means to your results; and how to make immediate corrections…

* The unconscious limitations that have kept you from your unlimited potential…

* How to immediately and exponentially increase your own energy level…

* The easy way to vanquish stress and fears that have held you stuck in place…

* Your power to create and attract everything you want…

* A nasty little trick your brain plays on you which can make success nearly impossible to achieve and how to neutralize it once and for all…

…And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! I look forward to helping you achieve your wildest dreams.

About the Actor
James Arthur Ray is the President and CEO of James Ray International, a multi-million dollar corporation dedicated to teaching individuals to create wealth in all areas of their lives: financially, relationally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Called the “rock star? of personal transformation by the press, James is a world thought leader who has traveled the globe devoting over two decades to studying the thoughts, actions and habits of those who create true wealth in every area of their life.

James has stud


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