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James Schramko – Traffic Grab


Published on: December 9, 2020
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Who is James Schramko?
James is an internet marketer from Australia, who is fast becoming one of the most highly regarded internet marketing authorities in the world. He is known for his quality of information, impeccable integrity and walking the talk in all areas of his business.

James became a full time internet marketer as recently as 2008 when he walked away from a $300,000 salary managing a Mercedez Benz car dealership. He now runs a multi million dollar online empire consisting of over 10 six figure businesses, including an seo service, business mentoring, a high level Silver Circle Mastermind and an internet marketing forum called Super Fast Results. The famous Jay Abraham recently commented that James Schramko’s business was one of the best he has seen in the past year.

James has not only made millions himself, but he has coached a number of guru’s to multiple millions as well helping thousands of his students make their first 4,5,6 or even 7 figures online. Personally James has helped me go far beyond my own expectations and thanks to his guidance I now have a very successful online business of my own.

Traffic Grab: The History!
Traffic Grab is the result of over 5 years testing and development. It started life as a entirely separate product, a set of secret notes James shared with a small elite group of friends and students and has been been built on and refined inside James’ business. The resulting Traffic Grab system is the exact step by step formula James and his team use to consistently rank their websites number 1 on Google and deliver highly targeted traffic from over 100 different traffic sources.

A Sneak Peak Inside Traffic Grab
The Traffic Grab system is laid out on a ?nauseating? map affectionately titled the spaghetti bowl. If you take a look at the snap shot on the left you will see just how it got its name.

The map and accompanying 9 hours of video explains in detail exactly how James and his team combine 21 different traffic channels and an intricate network of web properties to deliver traffic on mass.

What’s Included?
The entire course is delivered in streaming video, mp4 video (for ipod), mp3 audios as well as transcribed in to a 300 page pdf guide. So whatever your learning style James has got it covered. What’s more the production quality of each module is second to none. Just check out one of the free modules below and see what i mean….

Free Modules
? Research
? Content
? Sites

Traffic Modules
? Article traffic
? Web 2.0 Traffic
? Video traffic
? Affiliate traffic
? bookmarking traffic
? Press release traffic
? Blog traffic
? RSS traffic
? Facebook traffic
? List traffic
? Twitter traffic
? PPC traffic
? CPV traffic
? Forum traffic
? Ezine traffic
? Media traffic
? Podcast traffic
? Classifieds traffic
? Webinar traffic
? Word Of Mouth traffic
? Ping traffic

Bonus Modules
? Conversions
? Leverage

Does It Really Work?
Before you consider investing the $79.95 for Traffic Grab you will want proof that this system really works. One of the things I admire most about James and his products is that he uses case studies throughout and backs up any claim of earnings, rankings, traffic etc with proof. You are openly encouraged to verify those claims yourself as James openly shares his properties and results.

For instance when you watch the intro video at you will see how James achieved 13 page one listings for a local Mazda dealership.

Amongst many other case studies you will be shown exactly how James made $21,787.50 with just one blog post and how he managed to get tens of thousands of Google listings and double his businesses revenue just by submitting a single press release. Inside the product James shares the exact step by step process for these and dozens more traffic grabbing strategies.

Who’s TrafficGrab For?
Well if you have an online business, this product IS FOR YOU, simple as that. It’s perfect for anyone wanting to drive targeted traffic to their website (and who wouldn’t?) regardless of the business model.

Traffic Grab can be used with any of the following businesses:
? Local Business Marketing [OFFLINE] – learn how to put yours and your clients website on page 1 of Google, not just once but 13 times as James did for one of his clients. Just imagine how much you could charge for that many page 1 listings?
? Affiliates – if you’re promoting other peoples’ products or services as an affiliate, you will learn how to get more visitors clicking through your affiliate links. James will also teach you how to turn this traffic in to an asset you can market to again and again.
? Info Product Marketers – if you have your own products James will teach you how to get other people selling for you. He has over 200 marketers sending him customers each and every month. They love sending the traffic as much as he likes receiving it. Traffic Grab teaches why.
? Bloggers – James will show you how he builds traffic to his networks of blogs using social media, article marketing, web 2.0 and a whole host of other strategies on auto pilot.


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