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James Tripp – HWT – Hypnosis Without Trance


Published on: December 10, 2020
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This is a small and extremely powerful program. I am very impressed with this and it is definitely worth your time. Magic Shrink Ray(tm) reduced this by about 60%. Thanks to biztguy for the heads up. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
What people are saying
?A superb and well developed approach ? the most impressive I?ve ever seen!? Robert Whittington, Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist
Darren Altman
?I love how you can pace and lead with this stuff, so you stick all their body parts to anything and everything as you springboard. Great stuff ? cheers James!!? Darren Altman, Hypnotist (London, UK)
Alistair Donnell
?It?s genius on so many levels for me.? Alistair Donnell, NLP Practitioner
Alan Whitton
?Brilliant and revolutionary! Hypnosis Without Trance has totally changed the way I look at things?? Alan Whitton, Hypnotherapist, NLP Coach & creator of Fighter?s Mind
??as good as Igor or any one else I?ve seen ? maybe better!? Steven Girard, Hypnotist (London, UK)
HWT Hypnosis for the 21st Century!
Hypnosis Without Trance is a new and contemporary approach to hypnosis that dispenses with the myth and mystery of old-school trance rituals in favour of clear precision-based processes that allow for the elicitation of hypnotic phenomena without the need for altered-states.
If you are a hypnotist or student of hypnosis who wants to consistantly get clear and functional hypnotic phenomena without having to trust to luck or take any leaps of faith
you really need to know about Hypnosis Without Trance!
Hi, my name is James Tripp
and like 99% of other hypnotists (therapeutic and otherwise) I used to believe in an out-dated model of hypnosis that hindered my efficacy as a hypnotist.
What I believed was that hypnosis was all about inducing a special kind of altered state in people that would render them somehow more open to suggestion. So, like every other hypnotist I had learned to perform trance inductions and watch for signs of trance and when the subject was there (or under) to deliver my hypnotic suggestions.
And this is how I approached hypnosis for my first couple of years as a hypnotist with varying levels of success. But
there were always certain things that never seemed to sit quite right with this approach for me.
Firstly there were the many experiences where people were showing all the classic signs of trance, yet not responding to the delivered suggestions. Then there was the question of why people should go into this special state just because you told them to relax/?go deeper/?let go etc. And finally, when I started experimenting in street hypnosis and performance contexts, the question of why people would so often respond wonderfully to delivered suggestions
without any trance induction and without displaying any signs of trance whatsoever.
With what I learned I eventually came to realise that the phenomena of hypnosis have nothing whatsoever to do with this special state called trance! Let me repeat that with a little more emphasis:
Hypnosis has got nothing whatsoever to do with trance!
(It is actually way cooler than that a powerful process that utilises everyday human cognitive mechanisms in generating for the subject a new percieved reality! No trance, no sleep no going under anything.)
And what is more
the old trance model of hypnosis actually turned out to be a hindrance to doing hypnosis well.
So, driven by necessity (because I wanted to be the best hypnotist I could be), I set about rethinking my entire approach to hypnosis. I wanted to develop something that allowed me to do hypnosis with precision, would remove anything from the process that was unnecessary and would
maximise the chance of optimal success and completely eliminate any chance of failure.
And so, through research and experimentation, this is exactly what I did!
I have to say, the intention behind this was never to teach it to others, but more and more people (especially on the U.K. street hypnosis scene) began taking an interest and encouraging me to publicly share my ideas. So in October 2009 I wrote my report Hypnosis Beyond the Trance Myth (sign up on this page if you want to a copy), and launched a blog (again, sign up for access) to share my ideas.
And I really had no idea how successful (and controversial) it would be.
As I have mentioned, if you sign up on this page you get the report and access to the blog which is literally packed with video demonstrations and free tutorials you can learn loads from this blog and many already have.
What I am aiming to do is open your eyes to a new way of thinking about, and a new way of doing hypnosis that will set you free from the uncertainty of the old school approach (put them into a mysterious trance state, give them suggestions and hope for the best), and instead put you firmly in the driving seat of of the hypnotic process.
The Hypnosis Without Trance approach has been created to be as effective an approach to hypnosis as can be incorporating precision skills, acuity and flexibility with no-fail mechanisms to ensure that you remain in control throughout the entire hypnotic process.
And not only is it precise and powerful, but also highly respectful and empowering making it ideal for both hypnotherapeutic and ethical performance applications.
If you are open-minded and interested in becoming your best as a hypnotist, I invite you to sign up on this page and get your copy ofHypnosis Beyond the Trance Myth. Additionally you will gain access to all the free video demonstrations and tutorials on the HWT blog. You can sign up in the boxes just below the video on this page.
I do hope that you will get as much from Hypnosis Without Trance as so many already have in the short time I have been sharing it. And if you know anyone else who may benefit from this highly regarded material, please do let them know!
All the very best,
James Tripp
Hypnotist and Neurolinguist


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