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Jason Capital Collection


Published on: December 10, 2020
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If you want to become amazingly successful with women. ? then you need to learn from someone you can TRUST. And with so many slick marketers trying to entice you, it?s hard to know where to turn.


00 ? Introduction

01 ? First Date Secrets

03 ? Her Best Kisser Ever (Her Favorite Kisser)

04 ? How To Always Know What To Say

05 ? Done For You Attraction

06 ? Dressed To Fuck

07 ? He Just Gets Me

08 ? 25 Cold Reads

09 ? Where To Go

10-16 ? Evil Seduction Training Here

19 ? The Complete Power Switch System

20 ? Creating Sexual Tension Advanced Program

21 ? 77 Ways to Make Her Want to Fvck You

22 ? The Orgasm Club


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