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Jason Capital – Conversation Crack System


Published on: December 9, 2020
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Jason Capital – Conversation Crack System

Now Conversation Crack is not like pickup lines or that kinda stuff. This is about having REAL conversations, conversations with people, usually girls, WANT to have with you. You open your mouth for 3-5 seconds, and they’re hooked, addicted, compelled from the inside out, to want to continue the conversation. The big thing is these conversations aren’t superficial, they’re personal.

Girls’ ears will perk up, their curiosity is piqued, they bend their ear a little more just to hear you a little closer.
They find you interesting… stimulating… provocative… all the cool words for when people are excited about listening to what else you have to say.
I’ve uncovered 17 different structures to almost irresistible communication. 17 ways of framing the conversation that the person on the other end finds unusually compelling.
They can’t help themselves.
To help you even more, I’ve created 17 short, concise Modules.
Each Module describes a Conversation Crack method and the situation where it has possibilities. I include examples and stories of how I’ve used it in the past as well.

Jason Capital introduces a conversation system for showing men how to create an intimate, irresistible connection with women, from their first meeting. It is also designed to help men who are already good at conversations upgrade themselves to addiction level.

It consists of 17 different communication structures and ways of framing compelling conversations.
The modules each describe a Conversation Crack method and its situation possibilities.

Table of Contents:

Module 01: The Boomerang Sequence
Module 02: The Oath Sequence
Module 03: The 3-Hitter Sequence
Module 04: The Triangle Stacking Sequence
Module 05: The Cherry Farm Sequence
Module 06: The SLP-4 Sequence
Module 07: The Tracy Sequence
Module 08: The Caribbean Anal Sequence
Module 09: The Slut Gathering Sequence
Module 10: The Virgin Death Sequence
Module 11: The Uncommon Boner Sequence
Module 12: The Red Wonder Sequence
Module 13: The Soul Touching Sequence
Module 14: The Resveratrol Sequence
Module 15: The Boyfriend Kryptonite Sequence
Module 16: The Get Chased Sequence
Module 17: The Sexual Slingshot Sequence

Some of the areas covered include:

– How to spike sexual tension and emotions
– Exhibiting two of the most attractive qualities in a man
– Creative ways to use playful insults and questions
– How to covertly make yourself sexually irresistible
– Using her answer to amplify the result you want
– An opening that creates a deep, personal connection
– How to use provocative and confusion-generating questions
– Eliciting core values and getting a woman to link them to you
– How to do intense sexual exercise with women you don’t know
– A role playing exercise that makes a woman seduce you
– A 3-step strategy for getting her to have sex with you
– How to trigger 5 specific emotions you want to see more of
– Introducing play into your conversation to keep it light-hearted
– Increase your connection with women through bantering, teasing, and challenging
– Using emotionally compelling challenges to get her motivated to do what you want
– Using innocent questions and vague responses to amp up her sexually curiosity
– How to use the ?push-pull? concept to get her working for your attention
– How to get a woman talking about sex and have her think it was her idea
– An irresistible conversation theme beautiful women can’t help talking about
– Words that make a woman light up with excitement and imagination


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