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Jason Fladlien – Mail Truth


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Hey, Jason Fladlien here, and my list isn’t as big as you’d think. I have about 50,000 people on my list… and while impressive, I know tons of gurus in our niche alone who have lists much bigger than that.

However, few of them produce results like we do here at Rapid Crush, Inc.

For example, an email campaign we recently put in place as an affiliate resulted in use being wired $1,000,000 in cash, direct to our bank account

The easiest way to get traffic from scratch is to buy it. Gone are the days when you could spam eZine articles, Hub Pages, and Squidoo lenses with so-so quality stuff and be rewarded with leads and email addresses.

The problem with buying paid traffic from places like Facebook is… it’s cold traffic. These people have no relationship with you. They are just targets. Demographics & interests you’ve zoned in… and you’re trying to pitch based on the message alone. No relationship.

That’s why I shake my head when I see people putting in all this effort to buy ads… and not build an email list from it.

Any traction you get from this is most likely short lived. Eventually the cost per lead will go up (competition), the loophole you’re exploiting will go away, or your message will fatigue.

And what are you left with? The same thing you started with. Nothing.

Well, first there is the technical stuff. You have to pick an autoresponder. Then set it up. And those things cost money!

Second, how do you get someone on your list anyway? You need some sort of traffic mechanism.

Third, once you get them on the list what do you say to them?

Look I get it. I’m all for bypassing those steps if there is an easier way to long term, lasting wealth. Problem is, there probably isn’t.

Even people we’ve helped make a boat load of money selling physical products on Amazon… some of them had an issue with their listing and over night their business was gone. They didn’t build an email list.

I’m going to assume you understand the importance of building an email list… nay, the necessity of it. I’m also going to assume that traffic may be part of your problem, and that is what’s stopping you.

If that’s the case – you’re doing it wrong.

It’s one of those chicken vs. egg things. Do you wait until you get the traffic before you start building the email list or do you know what you’re going to say to that list before you build.

I’d contend that if you have the message in place first… it’s psychologically a million times easier to then build that email list.

That’s why I created…

Listen. Here is the approach most email marketers take – which spells disaster.

They get on the list of other competitiors in the market and spy on the emails they’re sending out. Then, they make note of the cool stuff they observe and model it.

The problem is almost all email marketers end up sounding the same. I joke that you could swap the names around on most emails in any given market and no one would know the difference.

If you want to do email right, it means doing it differently than the way 99% of the so-called email markets teach… and 100% differently than what they actually do in the real world.

Skip focusing on the content of the what you’re going to put in the email. Start focusing instead on the tone you’re going to take. If you use the right tones for the right situations, the high converting content will follow.

The basic tone you must put into all your emails is the “I’m writing it just for you


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