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Jason Fladlien – Practical Profits Seminar


Published on: December 9, 2020
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The New Practical Profits Seminar is going to be held Feb 4th and 5th, in Orlando, Florida. You can check out the email Jason Fladlien sent me below, it explains the event in more detail.

The speakers are going to be:

Brian G Johnson
Wil Mattos
Tim Castleman
Matt Rhodes
Jason Fladlien
Rachel Rofe
Keith Dougherty
John S Rhodes
James J Jones
Mystery Guest Speaker 1
Mystery Guest Speaker 2


We’re holding another ?no pitch? all content seminar this Feb. in Orlando, Florida.

I hope you can come. Last year we did this in Vegas and it sold out completely – and we had a wonderful seminar.

Get all the details here:

It’s a small $197 fee to attend and like I said – we will not be selling anything from the stage.

It’s 100% pure content. We will more than likely lose money on this event because of this fact. But the event is more of a customer appreciation thing than something to try to make money on. Ideally it’s something that you come to and walk away feeling great about… So you’ll be that much more excited about stuff I plan on putting out and offering in 2011. Again here is where you can get all the details and also sign up:

No false scarcity here. We have an actual limit on how many people we can put in the room without breaking the fire hazard laws.

So there are a limited amount of seats. Hopefully you’ll see the value of this opportunity and sign up.

I am always around at these events and you get full on and direct access to me for the whole event.


Jason ?Mickey Mouse? Fladlien


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