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Jason Fladlien, Russel Brunson – Webinar Blueprint


Published on: December 10, 2020
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?The Worlds Two Best Webinar Experts Share $200M Worth Of Webinar Secrets With You, But With This Catch. You Only Pay After You Complete The Training. And If You Feel It’s 100X More Valuable Than The Asking Price! Russell Brunson here, and webinars helped me grow ClickFunnels in a few short years from zero to over $100,000,000+ in revenue. In my latest book, Expert Secrets, the primary vehicle I teach to become the expert – and to get paid for it handsomely is. You guessed it. Webinars! And has it helped the 140,000+ people who have bought a copy of Expert Secrets? You Bet! Which is why I’m reaching out to you today. I am releasing a brand new training program called Webinar Blueprint. And get this. It’s Better Than Free To You! First, to get complete access to this brand new training costs you nothing upfront. Only after you go through it. and only if you feel it was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you or more. Only then we will process your credit card for a measly $100. If, however, you feel the training was only worth tens of thousands of dollars to you. or it was 4 out of 5 stars, instead of 6 out of 5 stars. then you have 10 days after the training to drop us a line . And you’ll be charged nothing. Wait! It Gets Better STILL. Jason Fladlien is known as the $100 Million Dollar Webinar Man because that’s the results he has produced from his webinars and webinar trainings! I’m one half of The Webinar Blueprint product. The other half is my friend, Jason Fladlien, who has personally taught me more about making money with webinars than anyone else on the planet. When I combined all the powerful things I’ve discovered about doing webinars that make millions. With the additional techniques that Jason showed me – techniques that have produced over $100,000,000+ in sales for him – Well, it’s downright unfair. That’s why Jason is one of the most-quoted individuals in my Experts Secrets book. Yet, it’s hard to get advice from Jason without paying the big, big bucks – which puts him out of reach of most people, especially those just getting started online. However, I know something about Jason. He loves ClickFunnels. He’s one of our biggest fans, and uses it across all of his many different businesses. He’s in our Two Comma Club. And even has built a ClickFunnels funnel that did over $10,000,000. He is one of our top ClickFunnels affiliates. Using this as leverage – plus the enticing fact of helping tens of thousands of people all at once – was how I was able to do the almost impossible and get Jason to share his secrets with you for just $100. And only allowing you to pay us for it after the training is over and you’re 1000% satisfied with it. Here’s how it works. The Webinar Blueprint A successful webinar has two distinct parts. The webinar itself, and the funnel the webinar lives in. A good webinar with a great funnel can do well. A great webinar with a good funnel can do well. Yet a great funnel with a great webinar isn’t just a small, incremental improvement. It’s exponential. It’s life changing. It’s when you put 1 and 1 together and you don’t get 2. you get 11. With the right webinar and the right funnel, there probably isn’t anything you can’t accomplish in your business and in your life. True. Jason has obsessed with becoming the best at the actual webinar itself. and I’m going to pull out every secret of his that I can. He has promised me that he’ll answer completely and fully any question I ask him for up to two hours straight. I don’t think he realizes what he has gotten himself into! Then, we flip it. Jason grills me on everything related to webinar funnels. Nothing is off-topic or out of bounds. I’m sworn to the same promise he made to me. To reveal as much as a possible about profit producing webinars for up to two hours straight. Here Is Just A Taste Of The Secrets Revealed On The Webinar Blueprint Training: How Jason was able to sel


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