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Jason Fladlien – Speed Mission


Published on: December 10, 2020
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What makes Speed Mission really unique is you’re getting a whole bunch of unique ?twists? to this proven model that. Will change the expert’s attitude towards you in a snap and make them DESPERATE to be working with you (How? . Thanks to one little thing you’ll say – look for the exact phrase inside and use it verbatim.)
Lets you come up with exactly the right questions to ask to extract maximum value out of the expert – as a result, your interview product is going to be much more substantial, unique, and valuable to your audience
Shows where to find as many qualified experts as you want – that each may have a HUGE audience and a HUGE platform for you to tap into.
As well as provides you with a complete ?quick-start manual? that lets you get up and running tonight if you want Of course, that’s not nearly it – you’re going to get systems, step by step approaches, all that good stuff.
Here’s exactly what you’re getting. First, you get 5 modules that explain the system, step by step, providing you with all the necessary details for each step you need to take to go from a standing start to a super-sonic speed and profit – as well as the big picture of how everything fits together. Take a look. Module #1 Discover the smartest and fastest 5-step process you can use to get your first interview style project completed. The secret is creating a special test environment to learn the ropes and gain tremendous confidence WITHOUT any pressure.
Module #2 See how to extract maximum market value (?MMV?) even without experience or talent. Use the processes to get built-in traffic, dig into any niche, and enjoy the halo of power and success of other experts.
Module #3 The ?One Foot Hurdles? are those things that are extremely easy to overcome or solve in very little time with very little (or zero!) financial investment. Learn why experts are desperate to talk to you, how to ask brilliant questions, how to make everyone very happy (including customers), and so much more.
Module #4 This is where you get more advanced access to doing Speed Mission style interviews using simple, but super effective systems. Know who to target, when to target them, why they need you, where to find more experts, how to ask exactly the right questions, how to win the ?game? before you start, how to make experts happy, how to write Speed Mission product sales letters, and way more!
Module #5 There are six people who can make or break your Speed Mission project. Five of them are really awesome and one of them will destroy your product and suck your time away like a vampire. Find out who’s most important and least important for your interview product and how to work with all of them in exactly the right way.


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