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Jason Moffatt – The Truth Serum


Published on: December 9, 2020
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Ex Private Detective Turned Internet Marketer
Travels The U.S.A. In His RV & EXPOSES The Truth About…

How To Get Gurus, Clients & Celebrities
To Do Just About Anything You Ask!

It’s Easier Than You May Believe.

From: Ex Private-Eye Jason Moffatt

My early days of internet marketing are quite unorthodox, sorta weird, yet almost always profitable.The truth is, I’ve always made money on just about everything I’ve ever done. (Yes, I’ve had a few flops along the way.) And I’ve been fortunate enough to find some of BEST teachers along the way.

I know a secret to selling just about anything. And I’m going to share this secret with you. It will change the entire way you create your products and communicate with your customers. It took me from living in a run-down shack to living in my own luxurious, multi-million dollar beach house in San Diego!

I’ll give you a hint about the secret. All my success is a result of something I call…

– Jeff Walker crowned me a ?Product Launch Expert? and trusted in my advice enough to invite me to his $5000 workshop to help attendees brainstorm and plan their launch.

– Eben Pagan invited me as a guest to his $10,000 Altitude event because he knows I’m devoted to help others build and grow their business. And he knows I’m the kind of guy that’s a ?Quick Implementer?. If you saw the Altitude video’s you know what I’m talking about. Bottom line, I bring value to the room!

– Ed Dale and Frank Kern crowned me ?The Underachiever Of The Year? in 2005. (Obviously a very prestigious title)

– John Carlton calls on me when he wants the inside scoop on social media or hip trends among the youth in our culture.

– I co-authored the book ?Million Dollar Marketing Secrets? with guys like Michel Fortin, Ray Edwards, Clayton Makepeace and more.

– I privately advise the marketing departments of some of the largest motivational gurus in the entire world. You know, the guys you see on Oprah, Larry King, The New York Times Best Seller List, NBC, CBS, ABC… etc etc etc.

– I secretly create content for some of the biggest named gurus in the marketing business. You’d be shocked at some of the stuff I created and what I was paid to do it.

– I mentor celebrity fitness coach Valerie Waters and helped transition her teaching from blockbuster movie stars to everyday average women. Most of her time is spent training Hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Gardner, Cindy Crawford, Jim Carrey, Jessica Biel & more. In the last year we’ve helped countless women get the figure and esteem they’ve always wanted and deserved.

– I’m featured in a upcoming documentary all about hustling on the internet with guys like Gary Vaynerchuk, Tucker Max, Russell Brunson, Stephen Pierce and more.

Most importantly… I’m the guy who still hangs out with the newbies at marketing seminars and has a desire to meet EVERYBODY in the industry. I never shun attendees and hide out in the VIP room all day. It is my goal to shake the hand of every single person at every seminar I attend or speak at.

If you’d like to know any more about me, you can simply type my name in Google and have a peek at the thousands of entries. Geez, I’m kind of sick of talking about myself. Because ultimately…

I’m The Guy That Wants To Share His Wisdom, Experience and Connections With YOU!

Every marketer has their own way, and in this unique course you’ll learn:

1. Market Research
2. Traffic
3. Conversions
4. Product Creation

Taught by some of the Greatest Marketers Alive Today!

However… No matter how much they learn, most people will still fail at making a whole bunch of money on the internet.

And this really sucks, and honestly, it PISSES ME OFF!

Here’s why…

There is still a missing ingredient that no one tells you about. I don’t think it’s intentionally omitted, but no one really knows how to teach this stuff in the marketing world.

You see, the four elements of 1. Research, 2. Traffic, 3. Conversions, and 4. Product Creation are all ?external? things. These are things that can easily be taught to anyone.

But mastering the ?Internal? skills is what will really make you the big money.

And when I say internal skills, I’m talking again about…


The It Factor Will Change Your Life, Not Just Your Business!

The ?It Factor? is the missing ingredient that nobody seems to teach.

The ?It Factor? is what makes people gravitate to your persona, character and products.

The ?It Factor? is what makes people say YES to you!

The ?It Factor? is that intangible thing that everyone wants, yet few really know how to tap into.

It’s sad because in today’s world of increased competition, you really have to develop this talent. Without it, you’re just like every other marketer on the web swimming in the sea of mediocrity.

The It Factor Is The One Way Road To Fame, Fortune, and Absolute Happiness In Your Business!

Here’s what The It Factor and the rest of the course is going to do for you…

– Understand the art of ?Acting For Real? with Hollywood acting coach Thom McFadden and myself. Thom will teach you to become the ?Star? in your own life and business. After watching these videos you’ll know how to be ?Balanced, Observant and Present? in all of your videos, or as Thom says… ?Be Bop?. Your likability and comfort levels will SOAR after you do this.

– You’ll learn the secrets of how to turn a pencil into a lethal weapon. When you follow the simple Pencil Money outline it’s like having a bottomless ATM in your garage. You’ll finally know how to turn visitors into buyers, and have them stoked to buy from you time and time again. They’ll even thank you for it!

– You’ll discover the most gangster traffic method that is responsible for over 65 Million Views on Youtube for just one video. Plus… you’ll get the copy and paste outlines that pretty much do the job for you! Anyone can do this. You don’t have to possess a shred of talent. One email can often do the trick!

– You’ll acquire the true knowledge of how to get people to genuinely fall in love with your work. This is a secret that I’ve never let out of the bag and it works with just about every human on the planet.

– You’ll get deep insights into the world of humor and laughter from comedians who’ve toured the country for decades. If you ever thought being funny was hard, this is for you. We’ll show you simple strategies on how to be the life of the party, and how to get the crowds to hang on your every word.

– You’ll get the real scoop on how to get celebrities and famous people in your niche to endorse you and your products. This is actually easier then you may think and we’ll show you real world examples of how it is done.

– You’ll actually have subscribers begging you to send more email. How many times do you think that happens to marketers? Almost never. Well that is about to change when you discover the way to really write emails.

– You’ll get the secrets to score thousands of dollars in free internet marketing products, seminars and training. Once you know the real secret, you’ll likely never pay for a seminar again. (True story = I’ve NEVER paid for a marketing seminar)

– You’ll understand how to research like a detective and use deductive reasoning to come to logical conclusions and answers to any problems you may have.

– You’ll finally understand the true path to making a killing online. It’s so much more then just the product and the customer. It’s all about ?The It Factor?.

But hey, I could run my mouth all day and tell you how great my products are…


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