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Jay Abraham – $35K Library – Guardian Angel Program, Printed Material


Published on: December 9, 2020
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This is it!! The final piece everyone has been waiting so patiently for!! Here is the over 1900 pages of written material that came as a part of the Jay Abraham/Gordon Bizar Guardian Angel program that cost $5000.

There are 4 PDF files of which all four manuals have been scanned into.

They are entitled as follows:
1) How To Think Like a Marketing Genius
2) How To Grow Your Business Geometrically Vol. I
3) How To Grow Your Business Geometrically Vol. II
4) How To Grow Your Business Geometrically Vol. III

The 3 Volumes are the first 3 volumes of the Jay Abraham 10,000+page Encyclopedia and these 3 volumes were included with this program.


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