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Jay Abraham & Chet Holmes – PEQ II


Published on: December 14, 2020
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If you are doing offline consulting or own or manage a business, this may be one of Jay and Chet’s most compelling programs.This is the MP3 presentation. I have included a pitch letter/worksheet that walks through the entire program (and reinforces in the reader’s mind about how much they DON’T know, even when it’s spelled out for them). Read that first if you are hesitant?but from what I have heard so far, this is well worth the effort.Here’s the pitch:PEQ II (ULTRA) SEMINAR Complete setJay Abraham Wealth Building SeminarAdvanced PEQ (Performance Enhancement Quotient) workshop conducted by masters of business growth Jay Abraham and Chet Holmes. It also features a panel of the leading sales and marketing consultants in business today.This intensive four day live event was held on February 20 – 25, 2002.Attendees paid $15,000 each and unanimously agreed that it was Jay’s best program – ever.The PEQ 2 event was recorded and subsequently merchandized for $5,000 as the ultimate business/marketing self-study program available on the market. Unfortunately, it was only offered in limited quantities and sold out quickly. There is a different DVD for each key subject, so you can go over and over the appropriate sections and topics, privately or with your staff in intimate detail, as required. This program is indexed by title so you can easily access the exact segments and their specific content.For example: If you really need help on the sales process, you can go right to that module. Or if you really need help on time management, it’s clearly marked, etc?Everything is spelled out and organized for ease of access.Here is a list of the 19 DVD :Training Sessions01.Introduction To PEQ Workshop02.Chet Holmes – How To Create Growth Through Training03.Chet Holmes – Strategies vs. Tactics And Core Stories04.Chet Holmes – Creating Your Core Story05.Jay Abraham – Strategy of Preeminence Strategic Alliances06.Chet Holmes – Strategies and Tactics To Get Clients07.Dan O?Day – Radio Advertising08.Chet Holmes – How To Hire Superstars!09.Jay Abraham – Three Ways To Grow Your Business10.Winton Churchill – Using Contact Management Software To Get & Keep Clients11.David Dean – Winning on the Internet12.Chet Holmes – The Six Steps To Time Management13.Chet Holmes – Ten Traits of Over-Achievers14.Chet Holmes – Effective Presentation Skills15.Chet Holmes – How The Brain Works & The Power of Goals16.Jay Abraham – Headlines That Sell!17.Bob Chesney – Digital Marketing and Training Ideas18.Chet Holmes & Jay Abraham – The Biggest Breakthroughs19.Chet Holmes & Jay Abraham – Core Story ExamplesGo through the entire experience as if you were there, getting the same ?wows? that everyone else got and watch as Chet and Jay hit homerun after homerun. In the comfort of your own home or office, be shifted into the homerun zone yourself, as you learn nearly 50 systematic new ways to take your business higher.Nothing Else Holds The Impact This Set Does For YouJay Abraham has sold a lot of training programs in his career, from the original $15,000 and $20,000 Protege-Mentor Training events, to the $5,000 MasterMind marketing set, the $40,000 ?Cl


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