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Jay Abraham – Modeling For Millions


Published on: December 9, 2020
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Modeling For Millions is one of the bonuses offered when you sign up for The League Of Extraordinary Minds.

This is the brain trust of top experts which is changing the way business and management training is delivered. Over 27,000 entrepreneurs joined within the first 4 days and many more since then.

Modeling For Millions is a ready-made swipe file of successful promotions from both Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren.

These promotions have generated over $15 million for Jay Abraham and cover the launch of Strategic Profits (Rich Schefren’s business) up to a turnover of $7 million.

Studying successful promotions is probably THE main way of improving your copywriting skills and especially if you have already been through a top notch copywriting course.

The Complete Blueprint For Success is a 311 page pdf with emails to start building a list of prospects, Rich Schefren’s classic reports like the Internet Business Manifesto etc, sales letters, affiliate briefings and slides from presentations.

There is stuff I haven’t seen in here before and I need to go through it.

The idea of a swipe file is that you see something you like and you ?borrow? it. Don’t rip it off but use the idea and adapt it.

Glazer-Kennedy call it ?swipe and deploy? and it is a much easier way to create compelling copy than starting with a blank page.

In Modeling For Millions there is also the Jay Abraham Promo Collection you receive the promotions for 15 different promotions from including promotions like Masters of Passive Income, Power Partnering and the Reunion Reunion event.

If you are on Jay’s list you may have seen these emails as they come in but it is great to have them collected together in campaigns. I’ve also featured some of them on this blog as I have tried to keep you informed about the best ways you can learn from Jay Abraham.

To get a copy of Modeling for Millions, you need to join The League of Extraordinary Minds ( affiliate link – just enter you name and email) and then you will be presented with an offer to upgrade your membership to receive the mp3s and transcripts of the interviews and ?how to? sessions. Modeling For Millions is just one of the bonuses on offer (see League Of Extraordinary Minds bonus for details of the others)

Apology on spelling – I have found Modeling For Millions really difficult to type because in the UK we would spell it Modelling For Millions. Still I thought I should go with what the bonus is officially called.


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