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Jeff Mills – Outsource Workshop May 2009


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Have you heard about the coming outsource workshop in Atlanta, May 29-31, 2009? Jeff Mills will be bringing his project manager, Henry Griner as well as good Video marketing genius, Mike Stewart to share how to work less and make more money through outsourcing. Jeff Mills is an internationally renowned Personal Branding and Outsourcing Expert.

A former self-professed surf bum from Huntington Beach, California, Jeff became a full-time youth pastor in the Midwest and later pursued his desire to start his own business and work with other entrepreneurs. Since 2004, Jeff?s ingenious strategies, tools, and resources have taught tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners how to easily outsource the day-to-day details of their businesses, and increase their cash flow AND their time off. Jeff is presently the CEO of Goldmills Marketing, LLC and Host of the annual ?Midwest Super Conference,? one of the largest marketing training events for entrepreneurs and small business owners in the United States.

What You?ll Walk Away With:

At the Outsource Internet Marketing Workshop on May 29th ? 31, 2009, Jeff will be sharing his focused methods for outsourcing so that you can make MORE money doing LESS! You?ll get more done, letting others assist you doing the work you don?t want to do or don?t have the skills to do.

You?ll discover:

* How to outsource the details of your business so you can spend more time GROWING it (and your income) instead of just RUNNING it
* Real-life international outsourcing case studies ? including costs, risks and rewards
* The MUST HAVE tools you need for 100% outsourcing success
* The simple three-step plan to true entrepreneurial freedom
* Where to find outsourcers, how to ?screen? them for quality, and how much to pay them
* Where to find English-speaking college graduates for $2-$3 per hour
* And this is just a small taste of what you?ll discover!


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