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Jeffrey Gignac – The Life Response Frequencies Brain Training System


Published on: December 10, 2020
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NEW: Breakthrough Technology Passively Stimulates Your Brain Using Complex Audio and Video Frequencies

Improve Memory, Focus and Concentration
Reduce Mental Fatigue
Stimulate Higher Order Thinking and Creativity
May Reduces Symptoms of ADD /ADHD In Some Individuals

Fast, Effective and Portable.
Give Your Brain a Boost In 10 Minutes
Boost your mental performance in 10 minutes.

When your brain works better, you feel better, you work better and most importantly, you live better.

Now, you can give your brain a boost, achieve clarity of thought and improve your mental performance anytime, and anywhere you want.

In just 10 minutes you can improve your mental performance.

As a member, you?ll have total flexibility to use our proprietary brain building technology on your schedule.

You can download them to your IPhone, IPad, or Android device.

You can also use your computer or download them on to any device that will play an MP3 audio file.

Whether you are at home, at the office or getting ready for the biggest meeting of your life, you?ll have access to the most effective and flexible brain building tools anywhere.

5 Star Facebook Review

Jo Japa ?? I just purchased your LRF products, and was moved to send comments. Jeff, I have never been so changed and touched by a product, so opened by the chants, the music and surely the technology in it all. I listened to the Prosperity track for for the first time I wept with a quiet joy of calm, certainty, Divine vibration and power.

This is the best technology I have found ? and I have been looking. Thank you.

Life Response Frequencies with Passive Brain Fitness?
Let me show you why?it?s better.
Portable and Compatible with Your Devices

mobilePassive Brain Fitness? Audios and Videos work on PCs, MACs, and most smart phones and tablets*. They go where you go so you can super-charge your brain when it?s best for you.
Automatic Boost In Mental Performance

smarterBrain Games can cause brain fatigue and slow you down. Passive Brain Fitness? will give your brain a boost and help you improve productivity in only 10 minutes.
Short Term and Long-Term Benefits

resultsWith Passive Brain Fitness? , you strengthen your brain more and more each time you use it. And you get many short term benefits immediately after each 10 minute session.
Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity

brainspeedThe types of brain training use to create Passive Brain Fitness? have shown in peer reviewed, research to improve mental performance and processing speed**.
Simple and Easy, Get started Minutes.

downloadAfter we process your order, you will receive an e-mail with your download links. Watch the instruction, download the files to any or all your devices and you are good to go.
This Is Not For Everyone!

safetyfirstThis technology contains powerful video and audio stimulation and it is not recommended for persons who have Epilepsy or are prone to seizures.


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