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Jesse Jameson – Messenger Marketing Pro


Published on: December 10, 2020
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The required foundation to Facebook Messenger Marketing before we get into strategy & set-up.

This foundation ensures you play by the ‘messenger rules’ to create an unlimited amount of laser-targeted prospects to talk to.

We explore the next great marketing medium (Messenger Marketing) and what it can do for your business FAST.

We take you down the path to find YOUR target audience on Facebook, and how to turn them into customers for your business via FB Messenger.

ManyChat – simple steps to unleash the ManyChat ‘bot’ to do a LOT of the heavy lifting for you.

We go over the branding and pro features, configuring messenger on your Facebook page, and the ManyChat dashboard, audience screen, and live chat screen.

Discover the powerful ManyChat features, including growth tools and widgets to grow and scale your Facebook Messenger Subscriber List.

Learn about FB messenger scan codes, the FB comment growth tool, how to connect these growth tools to your website, and so much more!

This is the most effective, simplest, and fastest way to generate ready-to-buy leads for your business with FB Messenger using ‘ads.’

(don’t worry, these ads won’t cost you a dime because they never actually go ‘LIVE’… shhh, it’s our little secret)

You are now building a ‘Messenger Subscriber List’ that is similar to an autoresponder because you can send broadcasts to your subscribers.

However, this is 9x more effective because your Messenger Subscribers will actually see your message! This broadcasting feature can make you a fortune.

AUTOMATION! ALL of the ManyChat Bot powerful automation features revealed including auto-posting, default reply messages, welcome messages,
keyword triggers, complete message sequences, and simulated conversations with your prospects… all on complete autopilot!

The tags feature allows you to include specific people and exclude specific people in your message broadcasts,
which allows you to get even more specific, congruent, and targeted with your messenger marketing for even better results!

One of the most important aspects of messenger marketing is the chat messages you create.

We expose the highest converting messages to get your prospects to click, join your messenger subscriber list, and buy your stuff!

We give you the best ManyChat settings to make sure your ManyChat bot and messenger marketing runs like a well-oiled machine.

Finally create ultimate leverage & time freedom in your business starting today!

Before you go LIVE with your ManyChat bot and messenger marketing, we walk you through the proper testing protocol.


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