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Jim Cockrum – Proven Q4 Plan


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Here?s how it works Finding highly profitable inventory to flip online during Q4 is probably the world?s easiest business model. The deals are EVERYWHERE ? so much so, that for the past few years ?sharing deals? has become a trend among our audience. The obvious question is? Why waste time tracking down great deals yourself? For example, if I?m at a retail store and I spot a $10 toy that?s selling fast on Amazon for $97, I?m going to buy them all up right? Wouldn?t it be cool though to then let a small select group of other sellers know about the same deal so they can get in on it too ? in their town (or online?) Understandably, you don?t want to share your ?deals? and finds with thousands of other sellers, but hopefully you can see the HUGE benefit of having a small group of sellers interacting with each other sharing the great deals they are finding online and in retail stores during Q4. That?s what ProvenQ4Plan is all about. It makes Q4 a thrill ride instead of a guessing game


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