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Jim Edwards – Ebook Marketing Machine


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Here?s the TRUTH!

Writing your ebook is the EASY part! Getting readers and *Selling* your ebook is what separates the real ebook authors from the wannabes and newbies!

BUT ? There?s a problem..

Most people who write an ebook will NEVER sell more than a handful of copies, if that. Why?

They get their ebook posted to Kindle ? don?t do any marketing -and then sit there and wonder why they?re not selling any copies.

They get a website up and running ? don?t do any marketing -then sit there and wonder why they don?t get any visitors

They even offer their ebook for FREE and STILL can?t understand why they don?t get more than a handful of readers!

In fact, nowadays it feels almost impossible to rise above all the noise in the ebook marketplace and get noticed by the people who could read or promote your ebook.

But luckily for you, there?s now a solution?


It gives you exactly what you need to know for marketing and selling your ebooks?

It cuts through all the fluff and you?ll know exactly how to build the marketing momentum you need to get more readers, make more sales, and build REAL credibility in your niche.


Seven (7) Video Modules (Webinar Replays) with me (+ enhanced transcripts [PDF], MP3 audio, iPod Video [mp4], and other BONUS goodies), including a Q&A module that answers over FIFTY (50) specific questions about getting ?un-stuck? with your ebook marketing!

We cover exactly what works in today?s market, including:

Bottom Line: get the skills, tools, checklists, and action steps you NEED to get more readers, sell more ebooks, and build your professional credibility.


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