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Jim Rohn & Darren Hardy – Lessons of a Lifetime


Published on: December 9, 2020
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In 1991, Grammy Award-winning singer Natalie Cole famously released the song Unforgettable, an imaginative duet with her late father, legendary jazz crooner Nat King Cole. The recording introduced the brilliance of her father’s work to a new and receptive audience.

Now, SUCCESS magazine publisher and best-selling author Darren Hardy has recorded a series of extraordinary conversations with his late mentor, personal achievement legend Jim Rohn.

Lessons of a Lifetime is composed of excerpts assembled from a vast inventory of Jim’s seminars and exclusive one-on-one interviews. Each volume in the series presents a remarkable opportunity for Rohn fans, and those just being introduced, to discover his most important success philosophies.

The first volume in the series features Jim and Darren discussing the most important business and life lessons. Jim talks about the importance of bringing value to the marketplace and how his mentor, Earl Shoaff, inspired him to refine his philosophies about wealth and personal development.

Subjects discussed include:
? Surviving economic hardship
? A plan for financial independence
? The importance of personal development
? Starting small and being faithful to your goals
? Overcoming self-doubt and missteps
? Learning from both the positive and the negative
? And much more!

The second volume has Jim and Darren discussing the importance of time management and the crucial role it plays in a person’s success or failure. You’ll discover not only the best ideas on the topic of productivity but also the most enduring and practical principles in the discipline of time management.

Subjects discussed include:
? Mastering your day
? Avoiding the feeling that you’ve got do it all
? Overachievers vs. super-achievers-the art of saying no
? Eliminating distractions
? How to guard your time
? Developing a plan for success
? Taking time to reflect
? And much more!

In the third volume of the series, Jim and Darren help start you on your journey toward building wealth and financial independence, goals that everyone should strive to achieve. Learn to invest in yourself, and develop the mindset and habits that lead to abundance.

Subjects discussed include:
? Your money mindset
? It’s the plan that counts
? The greatest investment
? Ideas, excitement and entrepreneurialism
? Associations and influences
? And much more!

In this final volume of the series, thought leaders Jim Rohn and Darren Hardy share strategies for becoming a master communicator, affecting not only personal and business relationships but also dramatically impacting income. Listen for their keen insights on the differences between communication and influential communication.

Subjects discussed include:
? The relationship age
? The gift of language
? The identification process
? Bucking bulls and goldfish
? Affecting your audience with more than words
? And much more!


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