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Joe Navarro – Mastering Non Verbals


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Learn to speed-read people and get the advantage over your competition!
Download this course and gain an immediate advantage over your competition. Get these videos today, and achieve instant success in your first year on the job!

? Conduct the perfect interview
? Present yourself appropriately in the workplace
? Get in with the boss
? Understand the essentials of non-verbal communication

Former FBI agent Joe Navarro spent 25 years catching spies. If his techniques can crack foreign intelligence agents, imagine what they can do for your job interview! Once you?ve aced the interview and gotten the job, Joe will teach you the art of decoding your work environment. You?ll learn how to interpret non-verbal cues, be receptive to differing communication styles, and understand the true meaning behind your coworkers? actions.

Joe will also instruct you on the art of presenting yourself for success. From what you wear to how you talk to the boss, Joe will guide you on what signals you are sending and how to project confidence.


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