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John Boyle – Collaborative Teams and Group Dynamics


Published on: December 10, 2020
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The six video chapters are:

1. Making Teams Work Brilliantly: 14 minutes Learn how to set clear directions, facilitate open communication, provide sound leadership and develop cooperation.
2. Team Building: 12 minutes For a team to be effective in what it does, and how it does it, five key characteristics must be present. Discover what these characteristics are and how to build a successful team.

3. Communicating in a Team: 10 minutes Learn how to accept and benefit from the differences in team members? backgrounds. Discover the traps to avoid when participating in team meetings and how to ask for specific performance feedback to ensure continuous improvement.
4. Managing a Mature Age Workforce: 14 minutes What is the impact of the decline of the ?baby boomers? in workplaces? Learn why companies must retain these workers.
5. Understanding Group Dynamics: 15 minutes Learn to recognize dynamics and intervene to improve productivity. For all team leaders, chairpersons and facilitators.
6. Men & Women are Different: 14 minutes Despite significant changes, gender conflict remains a workplace issue. Learn what both genders can do to work together.


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