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John Carlton – Collected Letters (Volume I,II,III) and Bonus Reports


Published on: December 9, 2020
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With this special offer we’ve arranged… you will also receive a huge volume of my collected letters and ads (including most of the now-famous home run fortune-making pieces that have been ripped off so much online).

Consider this collection a ?swipe file? of the best examples of world-class advertising you’ll ever find in one place.

Clients have paid me as much as $100,000 (including royalties that still come in) to write a single letter. They pay these kinds of staggering fees happily… because my stuff works. They can mail a letter or run one of my ads in magazines for years, gathering huge profits each time. My Web copy is like an automatic feeding frenzy of profit. The fees clients pay me are a tiny fraction of the fortune these pieces create.

This collection is like having a private pass into Fort Knox. And, since I explain and break down the techniques and choices I made in each piece…

You Can Easily ?Translate? These Monster Winners Into A Killer Ad For Your Own Needs!

Included are copies (with complete detailed analysis) of such notorious ads and letters like:

The ?one-legged golfer? ad that scandalized the staid golf magazines (but sold a ton of product for many years). A prime example of how a single ad can work over and over again, year after year, with almost zero changes to the copy.

The ?sex letter? I wrote for Rodale Books that got me blacklisted there… until they finally mailed it. It slaughtered the control, and mailed to millions of names worldwide for over 5 years. (In it, you will discover the secret to ?getting inside your customer’s head?… and using his deepest desires to trigger a sale.)

The multi-page ?shock-wave? ads for Navy SEAL training videos that changed the martial arts world forever. (And introduced the buttoned-down ?Wall Street? crowd to kicking ass using combat secrets few civilians will ever find out about.)

The famous ?wow? letter that arrived in mailboxes with a dollar-bill attached to it. (Selling a ton of information at $377 a pop.)

And many, many more letters and ads. All deconstructed and fully outlined for you – so you know why I used certain words… how the guarantees were decided… the thinking behind the concepts… how the letters pulled… and all the important lessons learned (both good and bad).

This is mega-valuable stuff. You see every word of copy used in these promotions… exactly as they were printed.

This absolutely is NOT raw theory – it’s hard-core PROVEN copy and tactics and secrets that actually grabbed real prospects… and pulled real orders.

You will see what I wrote, understand why I wrote it… and have the opportunity to freely…

Rip Me Off For Your Own Ads And Letters And Sales Pitches!

I’ve been offered $5,000 on the spot for such a collection… but I’ve never been motivated to put it together before. Now that I’ve finally decided to share my secrets… here it is. One packed-tight collection of material that will shock, titillate and educate the hell out of you. And you’ll be stunned by the low price I ask. (More on that in just a moment.)


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