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John Carlton – Copy Critiques – 12 Websites Examined


Published on: December 10, 2020
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A rare opportunity to experience – in your bank account – just what a veteran copywriter can do for profits by force-feeding killer salesmanship into your Website or ad?

Your 9-Point ?Personalized Profit-Pump? Critique

Here are the 9 points covered:

1. Your target market.
Are you SURE you know who you’re after? How does your ad and product stack up against the competition, in your prospect’s mind? Most marketers stumble badly by not properly understanding the audience they’re after. John has written for just about every market in the universe? and he’s learned how to break the code of reaching the hottest and most profitable core of almost every one.

2. Your prospect’s ?Psychological Profile?.
What keeps your reader awake at night? And knowing that, are you hitting his ?emotional sweet spot? with your sales message? This is the heart of world-class copywriting? and having a pro like John steer you in the right direction can transform your copy instantly.

3. Your USP.
Are you positioning yourself in your market to SELL? (Most marketers bungle this critical step.) A common blunder is to get confused about what you’re actually selling. It’s often NOT the nuts and bolts of your product or service? but rather the benefits those nuts and bolts offer. Huge difference? and finally ?getting? this critical point can turn a lame ad into a profitably dangerous money-maker.

4. Your headline.
This is where your reader will decide – in a BLINK – whether to stay and continue reading, or leave and go back to surfing for your competition’s ads. The best marketers in the world still screw their headlines up occasionally? and that’s what keeps them coming back to John for tune-ups and vicious critiques.

5. Your opening paragraph.
A great product, a great looking ad or Website, and even a great headline will all go to naught? unless you know how to capitalize on your advantages when you start writing the ?meat? of your copy.

6. Your ?Copy Mojo?.
Even writers who devour every book on advertising that gets published can miss the boat when it comes down to having the right ?voice? in your copy. Most rookies bore the heck out of their readers, going off on tangents and having trouble getting to any point at all? and that will KILL sales. Only a grizzled, super-experienced professional can set you right on this advanced (but easy, once you see how it’s done) tactic.

7. Your bullets.
At some point, almost every ad has to lay it all out there for the reader? and the easiest way to do this is through bullet-writing. (Even if you don’t use the classic form of bullets or numbers, as I have here.) The crux of persuading your prospect into buying will be in the tease and ?take away? skills you exhibit here.

8. Your offer.
Most marketers freak out when it comes time to ask for the order, and try to ‘sell from their heels?. Just curing yourself of this bad habit will boost profits through the roof. John can deliver the remedy in seconds, too.

9. Your ?Greased Slide?.
Finally, a good critique will address your basic salesmanship chops – your ability to craft a sales pitch that takes your reader on a wild ride that doesn?t end until, exhausted, he has ordered and given you money. John will make sure you understand how credibility, proof, and persuasion work in great sales copy.


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