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John Cummuta – Transforming Debt Into Wealth


Published on: December 10, 2020
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This work presents easy to follow system of debt elimination from John Cummuta who found himself with masses of debt and no job. This system has worked for him and hundreds of thousands of others since he put it together from personal necessity.

You’ll Learn:
* How to start building your net worth: the best measurement of your financial wealth ― from the very first month on the plan.
* How to break free from the constant consumer seduction of the “Coalition of Four.?
* How to rapidly grow your available monthly discretionary income.
* Specific ways to cut daily shopping expenses without sacrificing the things you want most.
* A simple mathematical system for prioritizing and rapidly paying off all your debts; including your home mortgage(s).
* Why your mortgage interest tax deduction is a losing proposition.
* How to buy important purchases, such as cars, without getting your pocket picked.
* How to literally redesign your life, because when you’re debt-free, you have options again…options to live how, where, and with whom you really want.
* And much more…


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