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John Pearce and Chris Cantell – SEO Recovery


Published on: December 10, 2020
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All The Promotion, All The Backlinks, All The Content…
All of That Will Begin to Work!
Your Work is Not Wasted! Reclaim It!

the even better news however is…

that it is not hard to get out of penalty, generally.

remove whatever is causing the penalty and…

Boom! Your rankings will recover, often immediately!

You just need to give Google what they are looking for, when you know what that is, it is actually pretty easy to give it to them!

But what are some of the myths and misconceptions people have? Let’s take a look…

Hmmm. You know, that’s what everyone says…

Are you sure? I mean, do you really know?

I don’t know your website, but let me tell you what I do know…

…’cos we have a group of over 2,000 customers in our SEO community. We’ve got from newbies to highly professional agencies.

We deal with our customers, and their problems, day after day. And do you know what (and I’m talking about professional agencies too)?

…almost every single one of them that comes to us is IN PENALTY!

They don’t believe it at first.
“I’m not in penalty” they say…

…until we show them they ARE.
“Aha,” they say, “thanks…” they say!!!

OK, ok, you got me there!

But are you planning to build a site and drive traffic to it?

Don’t believe me?

One of our customers, an SEO professional came to us – at first he was adamant he was not in penalty.

Did you know that duplicate content penalties also apply WITHIN your site?

Watch this!

…you might be saying.

Well I hope that for a start, this report has been of value in giving you an introduction to the subject.

But there is much more to tell.


Many of you know my partner Chris. He is, in fact, an SEO genius. He has a brain that is so focused, so keen, and so targeted he almost has a sixth sense about Google.

Chris has put together the most comprehensive, complete guide to escaping the frustrating business-killing, never ending fury of trying to promote a website that is NEVER, ever going to rank until you get out of penalty.

We would love to have you join our community of SEO professionals, marketers and newbies alike.

…It is a safe place to be.

Module 1:

The Google Crack Down – Background and Introduction

Module 2:

Google Penalty & Negative SEO Identification – How to Find to if your site is in penalty or under a negative SEO attack.

Module 3:

Eradicating a Google Panda Penalty – How to do it!

Module 4:

Eradicating a Google Penguin or EMD Penalty

Module 5:

Dealing With a Google Manual Penalty

Module 6:

Defeating a Negative SEO Attack –


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