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Jon Bowtell and Sam England – eCom Domination 2017


Published on: December 10, 2020
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EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GET THE THRIVING ECOMMERCE BUSINESS YOU WANT 154 VIDEOS WATCH AND COPY TO MAKE IT WORK. INTRODUCTION TO ECOMMERCE This is an explosive ?30,000 foot bird’s eye overview? training that will shine a new light on your old understanding of what ecom is all about. We?ll shatter myths and beliefs about ecom and show you why you haven?t been able to absolutely crush it yet. RESEARCH FOR HOT NICHES Do you know what your ideal customer profile looks like? This module will show you which questions you should ask yourself about a potential niche. We?ll tell you what to sell, and even show you a few secret tactics for identifying red-hot niches. We?ll even dive deep into analytics of your competition, so you can use their data to ‘spy? on the demand for consumer products. FINDING REAL WHOLESALERS & DISTRIBUTORS Warning! Not every wholesaler is a good business for you to work with! Who will be the BEST product supplier for your ecom business? We?ll show you how to avoid dealing with middlemen, how to properly contact consumer goods manufacturers so you get a good response, and even show you a sample call to a manufacturer that yielded a valuable connection worth $100,000+. But best of all, we?ll train you on how you can ?keep it local? and buy from suppliers right in your community, so you can feel more your trust and stability in your business. BUILDING YOUR STORE Even if you’ve never built a website ever before in your life. You’ll learn everything you need to get your ecom website up and running. From purchasing your domain name, to writing the most important pages of your site, to making product listings – everything is explained, step by step. USING AMAZON How cool would it be to have Amazon ship your products for you? Once your online store is up and running, getting approved for FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) is a piece of cake. We?ll show you how to tap into the biggest global distribution system in the world, and prepare you for the difficulties in logistics that may come as a result, by showing you how to ?keep it simple.? USING EBAY Ebay is a perfect buyer traffic trap. We?ll explain how you can use eBay to bring pre-qualified visitors to your store, where you can make sales without having to pay eBay a dime for it. We?ll even show you how to do extra market research on eBay in case you do wish to sell there, plus provide you with useful tools and resources to make this process easy. CREATING CONTENT To make your store stand out, you need outstanding content. Sounds easy, until you’re burdened with the task of making it. Luckily, thanks to simple outsourcing sites like Fiverr, great content is easy to make, and very affordable. We?ll show you how to generate amazing product listing content without having to take a computer class on video editing. Even if English is not your native language, your store will look and feel 100% official?


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