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Jon Penberthy – Social Traffic Blueprint 3.0


Published on: August 3, 2021
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Jon & Jubril, Let Me In! I’m Ready To Start Right Now With Social Traffic Blueprint. I Want To Absolutely Master Facebook Ads For My Business Immediately!

A VERY COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF WHAT YOU GETSocial Traffic Blueprint Online Training

1. Social Traffic Blueprint to become a master at driving traffic COMPLETE STB COURSE

? Phase 1- The Foundation ? Phase 2- FB Zero To Hero ? Phase 3- Optimising and Scaling

2. The Community- Private STB Mastermind FB Group

This is a place where we can help and support each other and more importantly get support from Jon, Jubril, Chris and all the other expert STB coaches! We’ll Be In Here All The Time!

3. The Coaching: Ongoing LIVE Coaching

When you join Social Traffic Blueprint you join a community and a family. So we will be doing LIVE on-going weekly Q&A calls to answer any and all of your questions personally.

4. BONUS: Paint-By-Numbers Ad Structures

Get access to the exact structures we use to create all of our most successful ads for Facebook!

5. BONUS: The STB Partner Program

Everyone who joins Social Traffic Blueprint gets the unique opportunity to be an affiliate and promote Social Traffic Blueprint at 50% commission! That means you can earn back your investment in just two sales!

6. BONUS: 7 Figure Case Studies (LIVE)

See the ‘behind the scenes’ of the ads we are running right now LIVE on a web class. We’ll explain what’s working for us, what we’ve learnt, how we optimise and scale, as well as the ads that just didn’t work! You won’t want to miss this!

Jon Penberthy – Social Traffic Blueprint 3.0 Contains: Videos, PDF’s


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