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Jonathan Levi – Become a Speed Demon!


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Become a SPEED DEMON The Master Class

How is this possible, and how can you, too,

Become a Speed Demon?

The course starts out with a great foundation in theory, training you on the philosophies behind efficiency, productivity, and ‘speeding up.

Armed with these theories and strategies, the course then dives into more nuts-and-bolts recommendations on how to speed up some of the most time-intensive activities we each do every day; working at the computer, cooking and fitness, interactions with others, and other general inefficiencies.

The course takes a holistic approach to productivity and efficiency, arming you with the mindset to kick butt and speed up every aspect of your productive and creative life, in order to make time for the things that really matter. With that said, this course, as with the instructor’s other courses, will evolve, grow, and improve based on your feedback, so get your front-row seat today!

What’s Included

4 hours of content

Comprehensive productivity & automation course

6 Exclusive Worksheets

All-new, comprehensive worksheets to train and apply what you learn

6 New & Updated Lectures

Chat directly with the instructors
and get answers!

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introductions and Foundations

Section 2: General Principles & Theories for Hacking Your Productivity

Section 3: Speeding Up & Automating Computer Work

Section 4: Speeding Up Health & Fitness

Section 5: Automating your finances

Section 6: Delegation, Communication, & Saying No

Section 7: Conclusion

MasterClass Bonuses? Check Back Often for Updates & Additions!

Exclusive MasterClass Interview with Productivity Guru Chris Bailey

An Interview with David Allen, Author of Getting Things Done (Extended Interview for MasterClass Only)

Ep. 75: Jeff Sanders: The 5AM Miracle & How to Dominate Your Day Before Breakfast

Ep. 73: We Talk Productivity, Purpose, & Fear w/ Alli Worthington

Ep. 31: Ari Meisel on Productivity, Healing, & How to Work Just 2 Days a Week

Ep. 51: How to Reach Your Peak Potential & Be an Ultra High Performer with Coach Josh Felber

Ep. 50: How To Be the Most Productive Person You Know w/ Chris Bailey

Ep. 31: Ari Meisel on Productivity, Healing, & How to Work Just 2 Days a Week

Ep. 29: Hal Elrod on Motivation, Morning Routines, & Going From Legally Dead to Ultra-Marathons

Ep. 27: Productivity


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